Rewards for being active on Forums

There is a special spot in hell for people who use Colorblast characters…


I’d suggest leaving it to the moderators to decide.

The “likes” thing would be too problematic. At the risk of sounding anti-democratic, people can be absolute idiots… :smiley:

The communist hedgehog strikes again…

How many of my posts have you “liked”, which would be considered a valuable contribution to the forum? Two or three maybe? Normally you’re just encouraging my snarky comments. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhhhhh!! I’m complicit in your vile doings!
But yes, guilty as charged…
Snark away comrade

While I like the concept, I doubt TC will go for it. If you’re looking purely to provide feedback then it’s an iffy idea at best.

The reason why I say this is because I’ve been poking TC about using the Official TC Feedback Program, or more accurately the lack of use (here’s my old thread: Gears Feedback Program (reviving old thread)). I signed up a little after launch and only ever received 1 survey. When I asked Octus about it he said the Community Team checks Reddit, Twitter, and the forums (not necessarily in that priority). He also said the Official Feedback Program was actually an outside agency thing, not an in house tool so its use was supposedly limited.

That seems pretty odd that the Official Feedback Program isn’t even really being used. So if TC isn’t even going to use its own Feedback Program, what makes you think they’ll listen to a bunch of us on the forums even if we have constructive feedback?

Now, Octus did explain why TC isn’t using the official program much but frankly that excuse was pretty weak. That was the whole point of having a feedback program, so TC could actually get a representative sample of what the community thinks instead of just the couple of hundred people who may respond to a Reddit thread or Twitter post in time (and not everyone uses those).

TL:DR Good idea, but TC probably isn’t going to go for it since they don’t even use their own built in Feedback Program.

Buuut wouldn’t it make more sense if the incentive for using the forums was only if you have something to contribute? I dunno i mean giving awards for being on the forums seems like it could give the wrong impression

Somtimes being anti-democratic isn’t bad. Unfortunate, but necessary.

Posting for posterity and 3.5 meow-meow beanz.

the whole new matchmaking update to 5 stacks is an example of complaints mostly on the forums, it’s something I never heard of on the other gears games. (Not like they always thought about implementing stricter MM)

The feedback program is a joke and I almost forgot about it. Not a single survey and I joined over 2 years ago.

They will ban you for this post. lol.

I’m already on the fast track there, Colorblast just helps speed things up :joy:

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Except those should be @DAVID_THE_CLOWN permanent forum reward lol


Maybe even lock his game to having Colorblast JD on the background of the main menu! Can you imagine? I’d resort to Tai’s motives and Gnasher myself, lol.

You’re despicable…:joy:


He needs the most annoying ones too lol

Color blast Reyna and Deebee lol

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What did I do to deserve such torture???

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Idk. I need some punishment too lmao. We always derail threads and ■■■■ just like we are now lol

Well. Kinda like now lol

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:eyes: Not again… @DAVID_THE_CLOWN I am expecting another apology thread from you


One post on the forum = 0.003 reduction in lag online.

One thread = 0.010 reduction in ping online.

Daily sign in bonus of 2 scrap.