Reward system... Let’s talk. Like it or not?

First of all I am loving the game. It feels smooth and responsive. The gnasher is the best in the series to me… it seems they have finally gave it the power it needs but takin away it’s stupid range and the bullets coming from the actual gun is heaven sent. Anyways, I’ve played gears mp ranked since gears 1. Been ranked top 100 a few times while I was in college, I believe I’ve got a good understanding of the game at its core. BUT!!! What is up with this reward system. Idk how you can make such a fun game and just crap the bed on the rewards… we the people (lol) just want freedom. Let us pick our own challenges to complete. I hate horde and I hate escape/ I’m a gnash head but yet I have all horde challengers for my tour of duty… I refill and get a escape one… use iron and get a horde one. Oooops your out of iron, please just buy some more. Such a dumb and dishonest design. Let us pick our challengers and when we put in the work let’s us pick our rewards… I have no idea why that is so hard to do. This bloodspray and enemy mark icons is literally trash to fill these loot boxes. I would rather have that “rick rolled” video pop up on me and play than get a blood splatter or a icon.

But most importantly, how are you going to have a gears game and not put Cole, dom, hoffman, and Baird? Put those 4 characters in the game locked behind a complete 500/750/1000 challenges OF YOUR CHOOSING requirement and see if people don’t go nuts and shut the servers down playing. I can guarantee you I’d take a few days off work and be tea bagging everyone enclosing my own team with my old man Hoffman sack.

My point is that it’s not hard to motivate and reward your fan base for playing the game if that’s your motive… this system clearly shows you had other priorities in mind.

I’m not proofreading this either sooo deal with it I gotta get back to work!

Lol Rick Roll, nice touch