Reward Horde midnight omen duplicate fest

I grinded the Monster Mash event only to get duplicates weapon skin’s and even got no rewards on a few runs: Is this what rewards are turning into? I just need 3 weapon skin’s to have the Midnight omen set complete. Very frustrating. Report , share.:face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face::expressionless::no_mouth::sweat::confused::open_mouth:

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The loot drops are randomised.

They want you to play GOW 4 as much as possible to say they have more gears 4 players than gears 3 players at certain times. It’s pretty funny

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They need to release gears 5 in the next 3 months cuz Gears 4 won’t make it for another year

That won’t happen period. It’s probably nowhere close to being finished. If you think gears 4 is trash then you wouldn’t like Gears 5 being released in 3 months. They will release a Beta as usual during late spring/early summer probably and then get the feedback and complete it then. I feel that we are looking at October-November for it to be released.

Yeah ik it was just a joke

Couldn’t tell since other have been serious about Gears 5 coming out earlier rather than later…sorry dude

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Let’s not forget this is a second time loot drop for Midnight Omen ( third for the Retro Lancer).

If you had played since last december, you should have all of them. Without facing this 1/14 chance each horde run.

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I am getting pretty tired of playing to get the set.
I got the same skins I already have over and over again.
Only 2 missing, but no see…

I got the game since 04/2018, so this is my first chance for some skins, AND THAY DONT DROP!!! I have been playing as much as I can and got the same drops over and over.

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At least you had a second chance.

I am just one embar for the full set. Just one skin luckyer than you, This is so ungreatfull taking into account the hours placed to this event, so disgracefull.

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What a tragedy.

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Wish they’d do something like Destiny 2 does with Xur’s exotic drops. They are random, but you don’t get dupes. It ain’t brain surgery.

They should have focused (in part) on allowing people to grind for what they need. Only making one random Midnight Omen pack available this event is so wrong.