Reward claimed resetting!?

I claimed Arron griffin I claimed my weapon skins I claimed them all because I know I got em but now I couldn’t find Arron in my charger list anymore!? And weapons skins disappeared I just got online to play a couple of games and noticed characters are gone weapon skins were gone so I checked my online profile just now and all of my reward claimed have turned back to claim reward! And I am mad

You shouldn’t keep making nes threads. Message a mod

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Could have added who I should go to at least. I don’t know where to go? Or who to ask.

You can message the moderation team by clicking on this link here and either message the whole group and one of them will respond back to you or just message any one of them by clicking on their name and click the message button on their profile.

Alternatively, @forum-mods might well respond here.

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Can you please PM me what’s happening…