Reviving old weapons and gamemodes for Gears 5, and how to do it


(xChaosx King1) #1

I was watching some esports when I started thinking about some of the old weapons used in gears multiplayer; guns like the gorgons, one shot, sawed off, etc. that were just completely scrapped. Then it hit me. What if the Coalition were to reintroduce some of these old weapons in 5? Maybe tweak them or implement them in specific gamemodes only.

Which brings me to gamemodes. We could maybe see a return in overrrun where all the gears guns could ignore the lore of why certain weapons aren’t available anymore. I feel it’d attract more players to the scene since some folks wouldn’t want to go back to play all 4 gears titles (and judgement). If they just want to hop straight into 5 and experience what gears is, they could. It’d be a nice way to show them some different whacky ideas that were in the past that made the franchise so enjoyable to play.

But I digress, more on gamemodes, Instead of bringing back overrun since there could be a lot of balancing issues, there’s always the alternative of having certain weapons only in modes such as campaign, beast, or having only certain classes of horde having access to weapons like boltshot, gorgon, cleaver, etc; maybe lock the weapons behind fabricator level upgrades, there’s room for a lot there. I also feel it’d be nice to see a return of wingman, as previously mentioned maybe overrun or evb beast, free for all, etc.

All in all, I love gears, and I’m so glad to see what it has evolved into and I hope to see it continually grow and grip more players to join this great franchise. If u guys can plsease spread the word on this idea, I think many including myself would love to see some of theses ideas implemented in 5!

(S IK O IR G E) #2

Ideally, custom games should have the option of adding old weapons to the maps. However, the issue preventing your idea and mine is balance.

They’d still need to balance them out with a new game and then there’s the problem with having too many weapons to one game. It’s just easier to ditch the ones that were less favorable and try and make new ones to entice people back.

(Duffman GB) #3

Re weapons that use locust/live creatures as ammo, that is easily rectified. Kait, Del et al could find some of the locust frozen or buried deep with their dna being extracted and put into weapons.

I love playing 3 due to many things, including different armory

I think Gnasher of the hill should be permanent across all maps with NO pickups, not even smokes :slight_smile:

(HamsterDab142) #4

What issues are u speaking of?overrun is perfectly balanced! U can counter counters!