Revives take to long!

Takes way to long to revive a teammate…

and it’s easier to kill someone on the ground. The adhesion is such a safety net for nooby chumps

i just got an elim for writing this, woooooooo.


it just takes you pressing the x-button

never a good reason not to revive only press x one time and keep it moving


Gears has the quickest revive I’ve ever seen? In pugb it takes like 10 seconds and you stand up with %10 health that doesn’t regenerate.

Doing that sometimes doesn’t revive the teammate, Even when your character takes the time to do the full animation. if keep moving your teammate could be still on the ground watching you leave. Happen to me a couple of times.

It’s more of a glitch. When I died after seeing a botched revive, the killcam showed me standing there. Same thing when I tried to revive my sister. I asked her if I revived her, and she told me I stood there.

On another note, meatshielding has priority over reviving for some reason. If they’re on top of each other, and you go near your teammate, you’ll meatshield the enemy OVER your teammate.