Review: updated FFA Ranked

Hey Gears, so they just updated ranked FFA to be 8 players on the normal versus maps, and mixed feeling have came up. So the pros about this is the fact that it’s 8 players on normal versus maps. It’s not overwhelming as before you don’t have people flanking every few seconds and the maps are more fun to play on. The only bad thing is the fact that you only start with a gnasher and utility. Now there’s less of a skill gap when it comes to using your primary weapons at the right time, and there’s nothing you can do but run or die when the enemy has power weapons. If you catch someone picking up boom, but your not close enough to Gib em there’s nothing you can do (just let them pick it up and run away). The lancer and pistol (or at least just the pistol) needs to be added back for more variety of play in those situations (and others too). Choosing when you need to keep your distance or engage with the gnasher is apart of gears. That decision making is part of the skill gap between good players and great players. Having power weapon control is more over powered then ever because you know the only thing the enemy can do is run up to you (i did this and found it too easy to win matches). Overall it’s a give and take with this decision. The mdoe feels more like a versus event instead of ranked. I really hope they atleast let you start off with the snub too just to have some distance coverage. What do y’all think??

IT could of 10 instead of 8 or 14 on the largest maps out there, but in my opinion the developers are lazy since as I see things the end of this gears is approaching and probably of the game in general, gears has not improved and in some fields yes, but as it is possible that your solution to connection problems is to reduce numbers, if the game still kicks you from the server or puts gold against masters , still the gnahser is off and the servers is going sobre bad,for the best the studio must hire new people and take out others or in the end gears 6 will be born dead

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