REVERT THE RANK SYSTEM - No one cares about points

I will never understand what possessed TC to use an arbitrary number system for ranking. There was nothing wrong with the tiers of bronze, silver, gold etc.

Perhaps instead of fixing something that had nothing wrong with it, TC should look to improving matchmaking services instead. I am from Australia and my crew (comprised of mostly LGBTQI+ individuals, but not myself) have essentially given up on this game. This is problematic as the Australian player base was already down to a skeleton staff.

(LGBTQI+ Crew - GODS Giggity, sick az, izfu)


As a pride ally i completely agree, the ranking system needs to be reverted back to the original as the current system hamstrings skilled players and makes the game a total time sink which isn’t worth the effort.

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Good thread with genuine intent.


Why isn’t there a plain old “It’s trolling” option under flags?


funny how no one can actually defend the current ranking system and has to personally attack our identities as trolling.

I find it very interesting that you are discrediting the value of sexual orientation in this discussion, given the small tight-knit community of Gears and the even smaller community of LGBTQI+ who lack representation in gaming.

I find this offensive.

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It’s not being changed whether people like it or not. TC have tinkered it one too many times and now I’m certain it’s being left alone for its lifetime.

Also this.

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Virtue signaling or a poor attempt at trolling or both.

On topic if this isn’t a troll: I don’t think they are going to do any substantial changes to the rank system.

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Good for you. I hope that accomplishes something for you.

I just didn’t get why it was thrown in there

Why is rank so important to players? I honestly don’t get it. It’s pretty much the same game and if players are only here to get a rank, then maybe it’s time to move on.

Extra BS aside, I agree with the topic at hand.

Sad that my game mode FINALLY returned to “Ranked” but I still lost my drive to even care. Never knew how much I’d miss having a rank to chase, but I do.

It just feels pointless now. Combine that with the fact I found another game I finally enjoy, it’s just a bad combo for why I’ve been barely playing.

I don’t see it getting reverted, so I will probably continue to play it a couple hours a week probably lol. Hopefully 6 will regenerate the hype for me with a real ranking system again, as long as they don’t f*ck the game up at launch again… which, they probably will.

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All the extra advertising of the sexual preferences of your “crew” has distracted me from your point which was actually a good one. I think you could of just spoke about the ranking system. Good read though kinda makes you guys seem like superheroes with that introduction. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I would like to think that eventually, a genuine post about improving the game (with some background information on who is impacted) isn’t met with cynicism and disparaging remarks on the LGBTQI+ community in the near future

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I don’t think his remarks were to offend you. I think it was just a lot of extra info. But as a mixed raced straight male from the UK with a crew of other ethnic backgrounds and different sexual preferences id say do what makes you happy. Anything you type however is open to response on a public forum.


Rank is important to players as it offers competitiveness that is not found in casual game modes.

It gives players the opportunity to:

  • Play with others who are around their skill level
  • Develop strategies and knowledge to a higher degree than casual
  • Feel achievement through progression

I’m not judging, what you wanna do and who you want to do it with is your thing… I think what most people are on about is that it felt out of place to just randomly put it, it had nothing to do with what you was saying… which has instead distracted the others from your original post.


So going up against a team in VS is not competitive enough unless there is a rank?

Skill based match making does this.

Well, that pretty much happens with or without a rank.

Fair enough.

I think it’s safe to say that this point system is here to stay. The rank system before this was bashed, and the one before that, so it’s pretty much a done deal as far as I am concerned.

I just didn’t realize how much I’d miss chasing a rank, until that option was gone.

Especially weird to me to not realize it, because I enjoyed Guardian in quickplay… brings me to the conclusion I think it’s the fact if I’m going to play sweaty games I’d like it to feel like it has a point to make the sweat worth it… without a rank to chase, don’t have that.

True the new thing could be trying to reach top 1k or whatever… but I don’t play enough to compete with people who have no lives in that department (no offense) and that was before I started playing a different game.

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So going up against a team in VS is not competitive enough unless there is a rank?
Not necessarily, but having a proper ranking system increases the incentive and competitiveness to play at your best. Hence why there is no ranked in casual.

Well, that pretty much happens with or without a rank.
Its about the increased incentives to actually do these things, right now they are implemented so badly i would argue its actually an anti-incentive