Revert Horde mode

I get the idea behind the new horde mode…but honestly I am finding it extremely hard to like or even enjoy it. It’s nice that anyone can pick up the power points…but at the same time I feel as those the “classes” are pointless. In 4 the classes had a purpose, only the scout collected and deposited, only the engineer built and fortified, everyone else worried about cover fire and eliminating. Just seems like its now just a huge chaotic mess. Outside of repairing engineering seems like a worthless class, as every game I’ve ran Kat/Del no one deposits and they all build whatever, scout also seems pointless since everyone is running around gathering… And the whole no duplicates…that would work fine if instesd of characters they had actual classes like in 4, and resricted no dupe classes. All in all…I feel horde should go back to what it was in 4, cause right now…it’s honestly a ■■■■■ show.


This is “Survival/OverRun 2.0” from judgement, a game mode that ruined this game’s horde mode with garbage people do not like nor did they ask for this crap.


Wow is it rlly that bad? Haven’t played it yet.

Absolutely horrendous horde mode, worse than judgment it’s like a stripped demo of gears 4, no customization, no progression, and forced to play the same characters just for the weapons you want as there is no way to customize your loadout, worst gears ever imo


I agree horde is not good, its a cluster F***. . In this Horde mode I have to pick a “character” whose ability fits a certain style of play. You want to play as a “tank” sorry your stuck with Marcus Fenix. But what if I am a big fan of JD but like to play as a tank…too bad so sad. Really? Its a video game, you play to live a little as a certain character.

Second how is this perks and ultimate skill easier to under stand than the tried an true progression (tree) cards of GOW4 . RPG’s have skill trees for a reason…it makes for a simple to understand UI experience. Hey, Coalition…guess what I’m not talking about the great action…instead I’m talking about UI experience and skills progression for Horde mode? If people have to talk about the UI experience its an issue. You shouldn’t even really notice the UI interaction for a skills progression. Lack of customization, another great topic.

Really they should just copy over GOW4 horde mode with the new environments/characters and call it GOW5 Horde mode classic…the horde mode you know…the horde mode you love. Then see which servers get the most players: Horde Mode New or Hord Mode Classic.


I totally agree with everything you said. The blood every time you get him is a total pain and the stupid menu that comes up when you press A for the perks. If i wanted to buy a perk i could go to a menu hat i want to go to and not have it pop up on the screen every single time you try to roadie run.