Reverse Two-piece, the Piece-Two, has to go

Do I even need to explain this? The fact that the regular two piece is back-and-better-than-ever is bad enough. But now that the shotgun does so much damage from mid range you just have to wound a guy a little bit and then your heat seeking missle of a knife just tractor-beams the opponent right into you? Like…c’mon man, WHO WANTED THAT?! Piece-Two has to GO.


I completely agree, but the original two piece worked the same in g1. Spam pistol while walking and then melee.
At least that one had stuns on the puncher to make it somewhat fair.

That’s just the problem though right? The attacker has SUCH a huge advantage in terms of when their next action is available.

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It’s okay, it sucks the camera shouldn’t track after melee.

Yeah thats always the nub of the issue, any changes to the melee inevitably result in the melee being the less risky and quicker option.
The stuns that have been removed and reimplemented multiple times since gears 2 were incredibly well designed and thought out and keep fights focused on the more versatile shooting, not spamming B.

Gears should leave you vulnerable after hitting B, it is a shooting game after all.

I was just mentioning the g1 two piece as being , well the two piece.
It was the g2 that had the reverse two-piece (punch 1st, auto centering the camera and shoot, courtesy of potato hands rod).
As a lot of people discovered the reverse two piece in g2 they just called it the ‘two piece’ even though it was the opposite.

the more you know! lol.

Shorten the stun or remove it completely. 2 piece hasn’t been a problem for a long time and it SUCKS that it’s reared its ugly head once more. Couldn’t stand it in the past and can’t stand it now.

The worst part? You have the stupid “Halo melee lunge” when meleeing now. FFS why are we goin backwards now?

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Yup. I never understood why game companies make melee so strong. Marathon-sprint-commando with one hit melee kills is why I quit CoD ten years ago. Just makes it not fun. Wanted to quit GoW2 because of the two piece, it was entirely too strong. And now with this heat seeking nonsense attached to what it allows you to do? C’mon. And whatever logic you want to apply to it it’s like…WHO THINKS THATS FUN?! Does anybody think its SKILL?! Who exactly does this cater to?! A melee should be a zero damage attack designed to provide someone space between themselves and an attacker. That’s it. Nothing more. It should do zero damage and should give no meaningful advantage at all.

I will never understand this.

There are no more sweaty gnasher battles. They just mash b and move along.

Two piece needs to go. One guy in current game, just running around doing it all the time.


So much reverse two piece today in mp. Why does tc let it happen?