Reverse 2 Piece

Please add a longer delay to knife after shooting. I know that TC wants to make the game noob friendly to bring in more players, but it really ruins 1v1s


IDC how many times someone posts this, how many duplicate threads there are, I will always support them. This Halo-Piece needs to GGOOOOOOOO. Bring the melee timing back from Gears 3 and 4. That’s all they need to do


Even the bots do this on casual nowadays. :neutral_face:


No lie. I was playing social yesterday and a bot was corner camping. He/she/it had the highest score on the opposite team for a while.

Others may say no, but TC definitely messes around with the AI without ever mentioning it.


Sick of delays. Thts why were in this sht show to begin with.
Just remove all delays and cooldowns.
I rarely 2 pc and rarely see it in the game. And when i do. Im just reminded tht i need to do the same.

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You must not play a lot of multiplayer if you barely see it.

Also, this has nothing to do with movement delays which is what’s always being messed with where the majority of the delay complaints derive from. Adding a delay on the melee needs to happen. This is a shooter not a fighter.


I’m actually starting to see the 2pc alot more. Definitely not as bad as launch because of the lunge. But it certain instances the lunge does happen which doesn’t irritate me as much. I just can’t bring myself to 2pc just like I can’t bring myself to counter a mantel kick for some dumb reason it’s just not Incorporated into my game.

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Countering the mantle is my biggest weakness also

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I was pretty bad at it too in gears 4 but if you have a friend who is willing to help you practice the timing is not difficult.

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Oh i play more than enough.
I play 2v 2 and ffa Mostly and tht where you would see it more than any gametype asode from garbage a z z koth.
Im guessing thts the gamemode you see it then?

Players will always exploit things like the two piece. Not sure what tc is thinking with regards to the reverse two piece. What purpose is being served?

There’s no delay for melee meanwhile they’ve plagued this game with so many random delays. Who are they trying to please, and who are they pissing off with all of the delays? Anything to make the game easier. What tc might not realize is the moment you have something cheap whether it’s the melee or something else, players start to exploit it even if it’s not even a fun aspect of the game. C’mon tc, do the right thing.