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Revamp Gears! I have an idea

Hello gears people,

I would like to see all the maps imported from every gears of war game into gears 5. I think that would draw a lot of people back.

Players are getting bored quick of the same maps. & 2 maps every 3 months is boring. We used to get like 3 a month from gears of war 4.

Pretty sure a lot of players will come back to play all the maps & relive the times!


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Lol. Just trying to bring back the 3 mill people… hah…

Too much work involved. Remember GOW4’s season pass? TC struggled to even bring back 2 maps per month despite many of them being oldies. And it would take away manpower from new original maps.

True but I’ve wanted to see this. Maybe if we get a MP-focused spinoff ala Judgement we can see a game that’s focused solely on Maps, Guns, items, and balancing so they won’t have to divide resources as much with a Campaign/Escape team.

Just remember…

I bet that’s how 6 will turn out. Campaign will release first and MP down the road. Its already rumored that Halo infinite is going this route.


Maybe it’s just me–but these look like different developers that are working on two separate projects.

All I’m saying is if 343 separates campaign and MP and it works in their favor, I could see TC do it for gears 6. I don’t think that’s too far of a stretch considering they are both Microsoft studios, and hell there are halo characters in gears 5. I think its safe that they find inspiration from each other

A crossover is not indication of Inspiration, the Terminator and Halo stuff was most likely dictated by MS, I doubt the inner workings of TC nd 343 are close “because they’re both Microsoft” so is Rare, and Obsidian and lots of other studios. But at the end of the day they’re all different, independent studios. It’s simple business.

I’m going to quote this when Gears separates campaign and mp launches.

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Go ahead, I’m quite confident in my predictions.

Buster McTinder in June 2019: “I don’t know if I’ll enjoy Gears 5 for more than 3 months the way it’s looking and based on the fact that the release date sounds rushed.”

Busted MyTundra in Auguest 2019: “The open world elements seem like they might be a waste of time and pointless to the story.”

Then I stopped playing in November and found the open world atrocious. Weird how that happened.

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Self-fulfilling prophecies are different from predictions

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That would be a great idea if that was possible, but that kind of work would take years to do

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More like a good 8 months if they dedicated themselves I’d say.

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This No More Gridlock should be in your sig man.


The damage has been done and it’s too severe.

There’s very, very little that would bring a lot of people back to Gears 5.

It’s not like TC will listen to you anyway. Despite the serious backlash and dying playerbase, they’re still sticking with their master plan of dripping little bits of mediocre content with each Operation and saying “we hear you” now and then to keep us happy.

Having said that, bringing back Gridlock would be a great start, even if just for the misery of some people here. :smiling_imp:


1 map every 3 months. Every map would take years. Plus you get the win a match on… you would have to play a week straight before it shows up. Like the idea though

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Should’ve let the series go out with 3. It had a good ending
Prequels are where it’s at. Judgement had a good story just poor mp

I’d rather be positive and wrong, than negative and right.

That’s what I get out of that.

I do agree that all of the maps should be available for gears games.

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