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Reup levels missing

So I was re-up 6 at level 65 when I started a horde game, we completed the whole 50 and when I get back to main menu my re-ups and levels are gone so its like I started playing the game today, I also can’t load tod to see what’s happened there, I don’t know if that level has gone too but if I go to customize, the banners are still there

Server are broken right now

It’s weird, on my one console it’s like I said above but on my other console it’s normal, all showing

Server problems. Can you play on you’re other console?
I got it back after restarting the game. But nothing else worked social tab was broken the tour was broken.

Let’s hope that it is NOT a save file issue.

Yeah I can play, but on my one console I can see my levels but when I go in horde it’s normal for a few rounds but then it shows level as 0, on the screen where u see all the people and scores, on the same console I look at the totems and it says none of the challenges were completed where I have done them all apart from the escape challenges, scratch the top part my level has just gone to 0 on the main screen on this console too

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