ReUp and Wings in game Icons

(Phaaze) #42

I may have seen up to 19, but I’ve definitely seen up to 16.

If I make it to Wings 1 before Gears 5 comes out, I’ll be fine with that.

(lukebazz91) #43

Does anyone know the total xp required for every reup?

(RelaxedHoffman) #44

I think BChaps did a spread sheet.

(DarkChaoz95) #45

yeah, but I dont think its been updated to include wings 6-10

(Bleeding Pepper) #46

The XP requirements for levels 1-100 for wings 6-10 are the same as wings 5.

(SASxVEN0MZz) #47


(GRANT C0RE) #48

Total XP per ReUp: (and yes wings 5 is the same for wings 6-10)

ReUp 0: 1,069,200
ReUp 1: 1,170,180
ReUp 2: 1,271,160
ReUp 3: 1,372,140
ReUp 4: 1,473,120
ReUp 5: 1,574,100
ReUp 6: 1,675,080
ReUp 7: 1,776,060
ReUp 8: 1,877,040
ReUp 9: 2,079,000
ReUp 10: 10,899,900
Wings 1: 16,149,375
Wings 2: 22,787,325
Wings 3: 31,003,112
Wings 4: 40,986,000
Wings 5: 52,925,400
Wings 6: 52,925,400
Wings 7: 52,925,400
Wings 8: 52,925,400
Wings 9: 52,925,400
Wings 10: 52,925,400

Data courtesy of

(Bleeding Pepper) #49

This is the spreadsheet I’ve been using.

There are some tabs at the bottom that also cover credits, although it doesn’t include the extra XP and credits given to season pass owners.


Wow. This is insane. I’m not sure I’ll make it in time for Gears 5 at my current rate but maybe TC will add some crazy 20x or 50x XP event closer to when 5 drops like how there was in Gears 2.

(sinadoom) #51

Highest I’ve seen is Wings 7

(DarkChaoz95) #52

I think 50 is way too high imo, im thinking they may do 10-20xp max as Gears 4 life cycle ends.

(mendigo2005) #53

Another incentive, along those ugly icons, for me not to try it.

(Junglist Shoota) #54

I remember a 50x on GoW 3… Or am I mistakenly?

(DarkChaoz95) #55

As far as I know there wasnt a 50 xp event on Gears 3.

(Horde Legend) #56

Probably won’t see that until Gears 5 comes out and by then this game shouldn’t be in anyones system. Would be nice to see a 5x xp or back to 4x xp when the anniversary comes around real soon

(mendigo2005) #57

Just met a titans-something, wings 10 lv. 100, on public incon.

He left on wave 1, as a 2nd sniper :slight_smile:

(Junglist Shoota) #58

Lol. Not surprised. See why I feel what I do about speedrunning? I would love a match with two snipers!

(mendigo2005) #59

Yeah, he probably is a speedrunner. And he could also change class to avoid 2 snipers at same game…

(I just got kicked from a lfg game with some noobs, I’m real MAD right now. )

(MrXboxlivenoob) #60

Couldn’t imagine ever getting max reup wings… like stuff that. Nah but honestly in my opinion I was kind of disappointed how level 100 was presented as a number and not wings. I just kind of feel like having “100” as the highest level just makes it seem, I don’t know… less? Like less valuable Maybe. I know there are so many reups but there are some people who get to 100 and stay there because they can’t be bothered anymore and some people would like to just have wings instead of 100 and they should of made wings every colour of the reup that you’re on… would of been nice anyway

(GRANT C0RE) #61

I hear ya bro. Like gears 3! It would be cool if there was a perk to actually doing that as you wouldn’t be gaining any xp