ReUp and Wings in game Icons

(Horde Legend) #22

I’m wings 4 lvl 50 myself but also haven’t played Horde since the Horde Mania and I haven’t even bothered playing while the 2x xp was/is available


Nice work OP. Reup icons were meaningless to me because I couldn’t distinguish the nuances. Now I know and darn, I got a long way to go.

(Asurazu Rasu) #24

Highest I’ve seen is p19 / Wings 9 then

(ZombieLady66) #25

Wing 3 …I am😱

(DownInFlames85) #26

I’m Wings 1, Level 82 - I do like the look of them all but Wings 1 & Wings 4 are my faves.

(Kitten Britchez) #27

Re up 9 here baby.

I’ll get to wings 1 by next fall. Maybe 2

(mendigo2005) #28

So you should like wings 3, it’s identical to 1!

(DownInFlames85) #29

The darker tone of the W1 & W4 make it better than W3.

(TheDeuterostome) #30

I wouldn’t say identical but close enough that I do have trouble distinguishing the two at first.

(GRANT C0RE) #31

Glad it helped bro! I guess I got sick of not knowing what ranks people were with the new icons and curiousity got the better of me

(mendigo2005) #32

We just finished an incon run. Now I know why the sniper only marked the bosses on the right side of forge…

(Junglist Shoota) #33

High wings speedrunner…?

(J4CKA1) #34

(The lMlan) #35

Why the Star gets dropped with the scoreboard ranking is beyond me.

At least if I saw a star I would know they are somewhere in the 6-10 wings range.

I personally don’t like how ALL rank cards, calling cards, and emblems look different from each other when they should all be the same thing.

(mendigo2005) #36


Re-up 3. Or “3”.

(SMT Garou) #37

Interesting. I didn’t even know there were reups past 10

(Skelface) #38

Wings 4 and 5 are my favorite.

(GRANT C0RE) #39

I gotta agree with u there. The icons for wings 6-10 are plain and they should have included the gold star to match the emblems.

(Bleeding Pepper) #40

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(Mochawl) #41

Wings 8 looks so sick in game, reminds me of a glorified gears 3 wings after playing for 50 days hahaha