Reup 40 times achievement

Are you f’ing kidding me???


Lol… This is a new thing? I just got the one for 10 last week :sweat_smile:

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Yep, the achievements are beyond a joke. Been a common theme for the last 3 years.

I can’t even say what I want to say otherwise I would get banned, spoiled the opening day for me.


Steam achievements have not been updated. @TC_Octus

I’m not a completionist, but I feel sorry for those that are.

I just hate yesterday I was 60% done and today I’m at 48%.


What’s the rush? The achievement is meant to be completed over the lifetime of the game.


Sure, if you don’t play any other games.


No. We are talking 2-3 years. Don’t need it done tomorrow. This really isn’t any worse then some of the Gears 4 challenges. Didn’t the emerald gear take something like 15,000-ish? In one season?

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So I take it you are planning on getting to reup 40 and 50?

Well if they want the achievement. Then you can grind as much as you can. And good luck if they get there :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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For some reason, I can’t see them. But unlocked one on startup. 10 characters over level 15.

That was 9000 kills and downs in 3 months. Of which can be done in Co-op VS AI.

Sorry, the Gears 4 challenges aren’t helping your argument.


Man. I remember people picking KOTH in AI and refusing to cap.

Farming the kills.

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So that means approximately 36,000 in a year.
118,000 in 3 years. You actually just backed me up.

I just plan on playing and seeing where I end up.

That’s a NO to me.

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First , the ruby scion was a challenge and not an achievement. Second, people don’t want to play coop vs AI for 3 years with every second of their free time.

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To each their own.

That’s not the point. The point is no one wants to exclusively play Gears for a year or two. As it stands now, only kills count. If downs did, it would make things a bit easier.

Right then, we will try another way.

I have taken 10 months to get to re-up 21. That’s 8959500 XP. To get to re-up 40, you need 46480500 XP.

At the current rate I am going on, it will take me another 42 months to reach re-up 40. And that’s presuming I play the same amount of time, and relies upon me basically not playing any other game.

Do you realise how stupid that sounds?