ReUp 4 Reward. Def worth it XD

you were even in my stream and your wrong lol

its called coop intermediate, you make your self look stupid as crap kid…im going for seriously 5.0, ill grind this till 20th reup, dont like it? go play minecraft

Don’t forget to eat

i eat n drink and use bathroom, thanks for looking out fam:)

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Great! Then you will surely succeed. I tend to forget whenever I grind

I think I actually, genuinely hate TC

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I meant each individual reup should come with a substantial worth while reward

i didnt even know that was a game mode LOL. I actually play real people buddy so i wouldnt know about your “co-op vs bots” playlist. Imagine playing bots for 20 reups and thinking you have any room to talk.

Whoa desert camo!!! And for one gun that’s now a pick up weapon! As a reward for an entire re-up?!! Oh i can’t contain my excitement!

I’m kidding this re-up system is a fing joke. No emblem ,no title