ReUp 4 Reward. Def worth it XD

Not at all

I just laugh that’s all

How many dang re-ups are there.


K … seems way to easy .
I mean 4 In one week…

i wish it was easy,

Re-ups are broke

being #6 in world for wins helps to

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Need wayyyyy more incentive to re up… wtf is this lol

there is, seriosuly 5.0 which is what im going for


Seen a guy on Twitch yesterday who had already reupped 5 times , I think his name was MadTv510 or something :thinking:

yup, his my buddy lol. he about to be 6th


That’s crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

TC nerfed reups. Not necessarily unexpected.

The point is to take focus off XP.

ya he number 1 in world for wins atm, im behind him at #5 but my goal is top 3 tonight

Good luck :+1:

thank you

I was trying to give this game another chance but then I re up once. glad I got this ■■■■ from gamepass.

Congrats OP for 4th re-up,:sunglasses:

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thank you

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If you go to YourDrippings stream youll see that all he does is join quickplay games and wait for everyone to leave and just kill the bots for xp. So sad its unreal LMAO. I went in his stream and he is just sitting back lancering bots for xp.