ReUp 4 Reward. Def worth it XD


Ok so it seems like they are doing a weapon skin set and one skin for each re up?
If so well um okay then I wish it was like GOW3 tho how if you re-up you got the entire weapon set for the weapons you could customize in that game depending on the re-up but I guess its cool to try to earn an entire weapon skin set .-.
Oh and btw congrats on re-up 4


Any banner?

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nope, nothing but the camo

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This honestly fills with me pure excitement, i’m getting giddy just thinking about re-upping

This is sarcasm if you couldn’t tell


do it, im going straight to 20th

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I can’t wait until i can get my first re-up on this game. I don’t have much time to play sadly, because I have a full time job. I will be grinding all this weekend to try to get it. Congrats on the re-up.

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goodluck brother!

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Oh yes sir, Same to you.

much appreciated

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Lol, I love my black phantom weapon skins. Any “reward” which is some variant of a weapon skin offers me nothing. The only exception would be the lambent set, IF they fixed them so they don’t glow in the smoke…

Re-Up 4 already in a week? wow!!!

I am not even close to re up 1 yet.

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Bro how in the holy hell have you found the time to reup 4? I’ve done nothing but mp and horde and I’m still reup 1

im dedicated

Not to diminish your achievement but what do you do that you can spend SO much time with the game?

i play gears of war

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or independently wealthy and do not have work…smile

Not to be a jerk but do you even sleep?

He has TTV in his name so he is trying to become the next ninja.

Anyone who puts TTV in your GT deserves a teabag


he triggered