Returning to the game

Ok I keep coming back to this game and it just feels so lifeless and boring. I’m starting to notice I get sad when I play because it feels nothing like a gears of war game. The movement and pace of everything is absolutely insane my character feels like he weighs no more than a feather. These maps that are being made are TERRIBLE!!!

Everything is so bland and uncreative. The music and soundtracks plus dialogues and character personalities aren’t what they should be. It’s like theres no og devs even still working at TC. Everyone is a noob just being told what to do by someone who has no idea what needs to be done.
The fans know what needs to be done, but devs dont listen to us. All they care about is tweaking multiplayer but still fail to see the real issues. The gears of war atmosphere has vanished and become just dead man. Replaced by some sort of fake copy cat that feels plastic and soulless.

Man. Just listen to us.

GOW needs its roots back. The gameplay feels not at all satisfying… characters need to feel heavy like they are wearing 100 pounds of armor. Weapons need to sound and feel empowering and kills need to be so satisfying . Need the perfect pop sounds and gore back. Get the og writers back damn. Artists need to focus more on the dark and gritty atmosphere. The environments/maps need more thought put into them… more breakables, blood, corpses, grittiness ect. Return to the locust and lets exlpore new squads and their part in it all. Imo swarm and deebees are such boring enemies.

Where GOW truly is at is in the hollows obliterating the locust and seeing how disgusting and cruel they are to the people of sera. We need battle hardened soldiers with unique personalities and input for this story. Jd, Del and Kait are so boring!!! Epic knew how to put together a party way better!

Just wish my favorite game wasn’t going down into ruins like it is.



These forums are not the place for that.


But what if are esports kait and you only wear a sweater? then you won’t be 200 pounds

We’ll that’s reeeeeeeeeal simple, gears6 features different armor sets ppl would wear in a warzone an not friken Christmas jumpers and semi nudity :roll_eyes:


Was that supposed to be a proper sentence or did you have a stroke?

“We don’t do that here”

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