Returning player, can someone explain this to me?

So I dipped out of Gears 5 after the initial multiplayer (and less so, campaign) left a sour taste in my mouth. I decided to come back to the game after hearing about the recent big changes to multiplayer and see what all the fuss is about. It definitely feels more like a traditional Gears game, at least.

So I have two main questions. First, is there any way to rebind this god-awful chainsaw-bayonet/reload button bind on controller? I really don’t understand why it’s not where it’s always been, and simply shares the button with the new melee function. I don’t even know how many times I’ve held down RB for the bayonet and it’s instead registered as an attempted reload. I see there are different controller layouts, but I can’t seem to find one where this isn’t an issue.

Second has to do with multiplayer:

I’ve been playing more ranked KotH to help progress my tour of duty and hopefully play with more serious players. However, I’ve noticed in about 70% of my matches, at least one person leaves by round 1, often anywhere between 1-3 players will leave by round 2. This seems to happen to whichever team doesn’t automatically faceroll the match. When people don’t outright leave, I’ve noticed others will just afk at their spawn point.

I’m only bronze 3 (and truthfully not good enough to ascend much farther beyond that), is this how the rest of ranked is? Is there not penalty for leaving? I don’t leave matches myself, but it seems there would be some sort of deterrent for leaving a ranked match.

  1. Nope

  2. Yes, ranked on higher tiers is the same, & there is a penalty, which is being suspended from playing ranked for a while, but people don’t care & it can be circumvented by going to dashboard & closing the entire game down apparently

I suggest this be edited as I can only see negative things coming from it. Let’s not advertise and encourage people to be scum and waste people’s time.

The penalty, at least some time ago, was very harsh for habitual quitters.

I think the quitting is especially bad now because this is ranked “pre-season” and so a lot of people are treating it like it’s quick play. Hopefully it will get better, at least a little bit, when the real season begins.


JUST play QUICK PLAY TDM or FFA (8 player, its so much more improved now)

You will have a hell of alot More fun playing . I guarantee it.
Srry but KOTH plain out sucks. 1 of the reasons is because of what you stated.
The other reason is. Well because it just gets soooooo repetitive and boring

Id much rather play escalation honestly.

I’ve not seen many quitters as I’ve moved up into the higher ranks but can imagine there’s more in the lower ranks as there would be more casual players. They are supposed to be addressing it but I can’t remember when.

I don’t think TC ever acknowledged the chainsaw problem but could be wrong.

They did but they prioritize nerfing glitches that some of us like over fixing ones that we don’t.
If we can convinced them that the same glitch helps make you a Godlike player and is actually savagely fun to use once you get the hang of it then it’d be fixed by Wednesday.

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I take it you don’t read the forums much? I learnt about this right here… It has been mentioned countless times. Personally, I’ve never tested it, but it does seem to be a thing. Pretending like it’s not isn’t going to change anyone’s mind.

You do you then

Oh it works quite nicely. Like legit the only thing in Gears 5 that functions properly