Returned Characters

Before gears 5, I like to see onyx guard, Savage Marauder, Savage Hunter, gold Miner and gold Hunter and I’ll also like to see the locust cyclops and Cloak skorge

You’re not wrong dude, hopefully they’ll arrive in the next update. Perhaps not cloak “Cloak” Skorge. The others deserve the spot though. Everybody thought Cyclops would’ve come along with Skorge back in his “Friday the 13th” Pack,

How we were wrong. It’d of been so fitting for them to arrive together as they both hadn’t been playable in a Gears game in 9 whole years. Hunter were pretty badass I have to admit,

Nice gamepic :+1:

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Cyclops for sure!!

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I would like to return all color blast characters.

They are terrible.

Thank you.

Oh god

Not sure why everyone wants to see more character skins for a population that had died over the last year. TC should seriously wait until Gears 5 comes out and give them out early. It’s too late into the Gears 4 life span to have them out. As I have said along with others, why bring them out and have nothing for Gears 5 but repeat character skins? Watch, Gears 5 forums will be flooded with more threads asking for skins and complaining there are not any new ones but repeated skins. Oh I can’t wait.


Thank you

Your welcome :blush::v:


You mad bro?

I was summoned me?