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I’m not a TC hater and there are many things I like about Gears 5, but after a couple of months away from video games I came back to a pretty dreadful experience. I see that movement was increased significantly which feels like an improvement and I don’t notice the aim assist as much so thumbs up for that. However this matchmaking is absolutely horrific. I must have played 20+ games of Guardian and 15+ were grossly one sided. One team constantly winning 3-0 after another and of course I was on the losing end of quite a few of them.

The ranking system is less than meaningless. I essentially ended up in the same spot I began and was getting matched with the full spectrum of skill level. You get rewarded for playing like :poop: and winning, penalized for playing well and losing. You can survive 10 minutes as the leader and just because you didn’t score many points in the round you’ll be deducted skill points.

I feel like a battered wife, no matter how much Gears slaps me around I just can’t leave. :woozy_face:


Welcome back! Here at TC, we put in no less than 100% to ensure your stay is as uncomfortable as possible!

I hear you. But there are alternatives. Go back. Go back to previous Gears, besides Judgment.

Trust me, it’ll be worth it. It’ll restore some of your passion for the game. Do it. Don’t make me go all Mufasa and appear to you all dramatic in amongst clouds.

My fav Gears game in this order:
Judgement (FTW)

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Yeah I’ve just came out of a game of team D, won the game got -3000 points for a lost round, cannot break out of silver league for the life of me especially when I’m up against masters and the skill points are complete BS

They totally messed up guardian. No point in paying attention to rank. From the count down being cancelled when a leader dies to surviving as leader and getting negative points. I mean it’s still my favorite mode but boy it feels like they are doing their best to ruin it.

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I loved Gears 3 Guardian. Leader being able to see enemies in the Tac Com was great and forced communication. Also the timed spawn flips ensured camping was not an option. I remember having to weave across the map at 1:15 trying to pick the path of least resistance. Good times man. And I really liked having unique character skins for the Leader. They kinda got back to that in Gears 5 but people playing as Guilded Scions still throw me off sometimes as to who is the leader.

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I’m guessing judgment at number one is a joke…at least I hope so

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Sure is.

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Poor Judgement…I can respect a studio for taking a chance and trying something new. Especially for a game that was meant to be standalone.

I personally enjoyed Judgement.

I have no idea if you are being genuine lol. I didn’t hate it, didn’t love it either. It was different and introduced some pretty cool things. Baird got to have the spotlight which was neat.

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The best version of guardian to date. Remember the ivory skin set you got for getting 10 kills as leader? Wicked difficult challenge but loads of good times.

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Haha Tony you old troll, you!

Funnily enough that order is very similar to my own, apart from Judgment being miles below 4 next to 5 in a fiery pit of despair and disappointment.

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Yeeeees, ■■■■ that skin was so dope. It was tough to get but totally worth it in the end.

Also, remember when Epic had to bring back OG Guardian through DLC because they ■■■■■■ up and made a terrible hybrid with Capture the Flag? Lol, good times.


I really did Enjoy it. Even 100% the achievements for it

It’s still a piece of crap. I see you on here bashing gears 5 all the time which is fair enough, but judgement is worse than 5 so it’s a bit hypocritical saying you thought judgment was decent but hate 5…

I still remember how bad the pvp was on that game. Jumping over cover and falling a mile onto the top of someone. Booska was a piece of dirt as well. Was it survive or something that replaced horde, also garbage. The character skins on pvp were terrible. The last boss on the campaign was pathetic.

Embarrassing thing is I still played it a lot as it was a gears of war game but it’s still for me miles worse than any other game in the franchise and even though I’ve been disappointed by TC and gears 5 I am still thankful that people can fly never got near another gears of war game.

The only thing added by people can fly that was even half decent was overrun which deserved to be in 4 or 5. Everything else was a downgrade from 3.

I completely forgot Guardian wasn’t apart of launch lol. Capture the Leader was kind of a cool idea. I liked that Gears always tried to make innovate game modes. I remember when i got my 10 kills as leader. Palms were indeed sweaty at 9 kills haha

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Ahhh the in game messages of “can you please help us get the skins “ those were the days
Gears Late Nite 2.0!

It wasn’t the worst mode ever for sure, but removing Guardian in favour of a CTF\Guardian hybrid is what pissed people off, including myself. Hell, EPIC even intended the mode is to be played in competitive but obviously that didn’t pan out at all lol

I remember just rolling with a team and each one of us taking turns trying to nab those ten kills.


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