Return of the Mineman

I was gone for a whole two months, but the king is back :sunglasses:


Shall I put my backpack on?

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Yes please.

Make sure its strapped tightly on you as well.

Get off Rocket League and come play Infinite you sexy thang!

I don’t think I can strap it any tighter then when I play with Clown

Ugh but Apex’s new ranked split just happened today :weary::weary::weary:

I did gain some weight so I apologize in advance :sunglasses:

You been lifting?

Eating actually.

Gaining weight, then lifting was my goal.

Whole milk?

I think so?

Peanutbutter galore though :sunglasses:

Huh? So who was I talking to during these two months?!

Nevermind. I think I must have mixed you up with everyone else on these forums somehow… The Christmas holidays can’t come soon enough.


You weren’t away you overdramatic cretin!

Now get back in there and fight for your Queen!

Yes sir :sunglasses:

Is that Lizzie? I didn’t recognise her without the burning Minotaur.

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Shes in South America right now.

Shes alive :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Make sure the Mineman Order doesn’t appear in Episode VII. It would not be beneficial to anyone involved.

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