Return of the Kung Fu Flip

Some people are probably going to hate me for this but I myself enjoy glitches and therefore I thought I might as well share this for others that enjoy them.

As you can see, the player in this video “jumps” onto a building on Lift. I have actually seen multiple people by now being at weird spots of certain maps so this guy is definitely not the only one knowing about it.

I have also seen people performing such tasks without being host and yes, also in Versus.

It is for now pretty inconsistent though.


Well it appears this is already being looked at, given I found this when I checked TCs bug Trello.

Apparently not. It’s definitely still doable.

It does say “Coming in future patch/update”, not “fixed”…


Well, I’ve always been good in reading.


wow man you just walked on a building like PHILIPPE PETIT.

I didn’t know that was possible.

@Omen_LP you have to check this out !! :slight_smile:

Wasn’t me in the video but yea. :slight_smile:

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doesn’t matter man I was a cool video though . thanks for sharing my friend :slight_smile: