Return of the digger?

I would like to see the digger return to gears 5.Great weapon fun to use.


Would be great to see that return, but the creature that is used as the projecile is dead snce Gears 3.

Then again mp is non canon and this shouldnt matter… so it shouldnt really matter.

Dude screw canon. Digger was one of the best weapons ever in the series and it’s very disappointing it was only in 1 game (Judgment is not a real Gears game, it doesn’t count).

I agree with the OP 1000%. I want Digger back. Exactly as it was in Gears 3, but with less bugginess through some obstacles. Maybe a faster activation time so it’s harder to dodge. That’s it.

I also want Ink grenades to come back. And yes the Sawed Off. I hated the Retro and was very upset it was coming back in Gears 4, but TC did a great job with it’s design and now it’s one of my favorite weapons. I’m confident they could give SoS the same treatment.

Also Hammer Of Dawn, One Shot, Mortar. Bring back all the weapons please, they were all fun to use. Tweak them as necessary sure, but give us more not less.

I LOVED the digger. I didn’t mind that it was easy to get away from that thing was just plain fun to use.

I know that MP isn’t canon, but I think it at least should be semi-close to the campaign. I’m certain they could make the same weapon, just changing the name and what it is, but functioning the exact same way.

Digger was fun to use but I don’t think they’ll bring it back. If anything, they’d just keep the dropshot since it’s the new ‘digger’, only above ground instead of under it ahha. I’d be down for both tho. Can you even imagine em in the same match? Lol

Well you could react to it popping out of the ground and roll to avoid death, which is a bit lame. I don’t mind being able to bait it into exploding but with a tighter activation time you would have to see it coming to really do that. Against top tier players they just roll to avoid it, and the only chance you have to get them is by launching it high in the air so they don’t see it coming (negating it’s entire function), or at short range through a wall (which is highly circumstantial), or when they have their back to you (something smart players rarely do).