Return of The Curb Stomp

It sure had a better campaign than 5

You want something that was FREE? $5 :smiling_imp:

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That’s a nice thick slice of HERESY! right there!

The Coalition is a developer whose games are published by Microsoft.

Electronic Arts is a publisher like Microsoft.

Monetization is designed by the publishers.

I’d take the fast action over the vast emptiness of 5

Yeah they tried to charge 5 bucks for it. Since they were unable to make a quick cash grab on it like they have on the other stuff. They took it out completely at this time. They got do much heat and to punish the fans. They simply refuse to put it back in.

On a slightly related note, it looks like they got rid of curb stomp dialogue for The Ripper execution, which was one of the only reasons why I had it equipped, and why I wanted the end animation fixed. It’s put me in a bad mood, honestly.

TC are doing a phenomenal job of alienating their veteran players…

I know we’ve all said MS for the last 5+ Years—
But isn’t the publisher technically Xbox Studios? And MS would not deal personally with Gears like how Xbox does.

Xbox Game Studios yes but that’s a small technicality.

As only 1/5 of Microsoft’s services, I think it depends on our definition of Small.

To each their own, but I am electing to announce Xbox as the publisher from here-on-out.

Do the breakdown by Revenue. 1/5 isn’t accurate.


I shall ride off upon my hightened horse now.

How did we get from talking about bringing back the curb stomp to this? XD

Because @Nineteenth_Hour is convinced that Microsoft (Or Xbox Game Studios) micromanages every single item that costs money in the stores for Gears 5. That may be true for Iron/Bundles but items bought with Iron, that’s certainly not the case.
As me and @ll_R_E_D_l have tried to argue before.

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Don’t worry, a mod will be along shortly to say the thread has run its course


I ain’t satisfied until I get my skull-cracking boot stomp back!

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It’s in the game—somewhere.

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Gears 1 is in there

I mean bots still do the OG curb stomp so we all know its in the game