Return of The Curb Stomp

Whilst Gears 5 is still a solid game to its core, there are still plenty of strange changes that strike me and no doubt a lot of you as weird or unnecessary.
The big one for me is the removal of the Gears 2/3/4 Curb Stomp - a rapid and satisfying way to put the literal boot to your enemy whilst saving the time needed to Execute.

No doubt it was removed in favor for the Arcade mode, which uses the Y button to purchase weapons, and would no doubt conflict with stomping, but did something that is as equally iconic as the Lancer really need to be removed? If the Executions and chainsaw/retro charge got remapped (the chainsaw is bugged as of the latest patch, please fix!) surely it wouldn’t have been too much to simply make the Curb Stomp a Hold Y button map so it would no longer conflict with activating Ultimate abilities and purchasing Arcade weapons?

What frustrates the most is AI companions/enemies still have full access to the Curb Stomp, so this is legit a repeat of Gears Judgement, and that sucks…I miss being able to crunch someone’s skull because I can’t afford the time to tear them apart with the Lancer Execution…

If TC could work to bring back the quicktap Gears 2/3/4 Curb Stomp with its own buttonbind, I (and many others) will be happy!


Quick Execution for the gnasher would be nice… only way you’re gonna get that 2v2 achievement barring one of them being AFK lol

Which I almost got it that way 1 game… my buddy got killed by the only guy playing, the other was AFK, I had that achievement in my mind at that point, tried to down the guy that was playing, splattered him instead, sighed and just straight shot the other one too, then the other was playing the rest of the game lol

It’s in the game–at one point they were going to sell it for $5 but pulled out, seemingly due to community backlash.

So we’ll see what happens to it, (At least I haven’t seen it since I stopped playing).

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I want the gears 2 and 3 gnasher golf execution


eh i liked the gears 1 curb stomp. reminded me of america history x

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How about not catering to the Gnasher for once?

Considering my point was about the 2v2 Achievment… good point I should strictly kill with the snub in that my bad bro.

What’s the issue with it? You’re asking about catering to the old games, why not cater to more than just one execution from the old games.

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Hang on, so TC removed something to sell it back to us for a fiver?

…has TC become the new EA?

No. TC was going to sell it for 5 bucks but then pulled it to release later, possibly for not $5.

And no–I don’t think TC are anywhere near EA or Activision.

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I’ve mentioned this a good few times. Moving the Executions from Y was a mistake on its own, a terrible design choice that goes against Gears traditions, but to remove the Curb Stomp…that’s unforgivable.

Yes they added it later, but as a long execution. Absolutely disgusting and nothing more than a betrayal of this community.

They won’t do anything about it now, they’re set in continuing down their planned path regardless of how badly the game is clearly doing.


I completely agree. There’s no way they couldn’t have done a simple remapping to keep the Curb Stomp in without having to resurge it as a Pistol-only Execution.

Hopefully from what Buster McTunder showed, they’re redesigning it to look more modern and fluid (like what the gif is showing) to put it back in with a title update.
THAT would be ■■■■■■■ awesome.

Swarm in PvE, returning Curb Stomp, a Lancer that actually lives up to scratch? We’ll have to wait and see…

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kicking DBNOs not good enough for you?

I think he’s talking about a Medal that requires executions, which are hard to pull off in 2v2 unless they’re the last standing and your Teammate doesn’t take it.

They should give us collectibles that people would actually care about in the loot boxes, like different kinds of executions, instead of stupid flags and various inane target markers.

Hell no it isn’t! As cool as it is, sometimes you gotta state your position by making them suck the pavement with a stomp!

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Or make nearly everything earnable with it’s own little “Medal,” Gears 3 style.

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Gone are the days of EPIC, when Gears was at its peak!

If you consider Judgement Gears at it’s peak–yeah.

But they didn’t include Gridlock so that was good.

…we don’t talk about Judgement. It doesn’t exist.