Return of D.B. Industries Pack and Others?

Anyone know if D.B. Industries pack will be coming back soon? I had predicted a long time ago they would do a lab coat Baird character and all my friends said “no way” and then ironically when he came out I missed him and he is currently the only Baird I am missing so I cannot live a full life without him lol. Also does anyone know if these packs will be coming back soon or at all?:
-Scavenger Pack (Outer Wilds Kait)
-Armored Kantus
-Superstar Cole
-Big Rig Dizzy
-Heave Scion
-NCOG Marine
-Mardi Gras
-Helmetless UIR
-Golden Gear (maybe upcoming 12 (or 13 I forget) years of gears celebration?)
-Day of The Dead 2017 AND Gearsmas 2017 (just hoping these will come back somehow and they weren’t strictly a one time only thing (maybe craftable later?))
-COG Officer
-The Esports Open specific city packs (like London or New Orleans)(I have been told these are prob never coming back but I think it would be cool if they did somehow for those how like the skins but missed them)
-Weapon Collecter 1-3
Finally anyone know if they will bring back the older phantom skins and also do another run of the emerald ones (after this run I mean cuz I missed the Lancer and Gnasher) as well as some of the other Esports exclusive skins (like syndrome, nuclear, pink phantom)?

P.S.- Are there any Esports Mixer Skins that I am missing for I feel there are more that I am not including in here? Can someone make a list of them if there is not already one out there?

Thanks Guys!

They will eventually make a return. When? Who knows but perhaps for the second year anniversary they may have some packs return too

My best bet around Christmas or new year’s time they will release every pack just like they did last year.

Yup likely seeing this to happen especially we may see less Gear Packs going forward in 2019

And I stop buying esports packs to save up money for a new gears and halo game

i assume instead of new DOTD skins this october they’ll just make the ones form last year craftable for anyone who needs them and christmas will probably be the return of the imago/dizzy along with some new festive skins

golden gear will probably become craftable soon alongside superstar cole as for ncog and helmetless UIR those probably wont return for another month at the least and i’m with dark on the fact that after december there’s going to be a HUGE slow down in new gear packs which is probably why TC is pushing the “buy what you want” feature which is okay by me

Which packs are being re-released is everyone’s guess, some will come back and maybe some won’t, a few will be made craftable.

The only thing I’m certain of is Esports specific city packs not coming back.