Retro wave longshot is misleading... Refund please?

I decided to spend the iron I had accumulated from the ToD on a very nice looking ‘retro wave longshot’ that was in the store… the image turns out to be a completely different skin to what I got lol. The image in the store was what I wanted, not the skin it gave me lmao. Is this the case in everyones store? Everyone always sais that TC only focus on the store, but now even that is broken? Also that was all my iron hahaha wtf.

Update: they now fixed the store image but didnt refund. Fu*k TC.


I saw this myself too, but you’ll probably get a “Check next time before you buy”.

WTF is that? Did they really use the wrong image in the preview? I can understand misspelling things and mistakes like that, but people are spending money on this stuff, on top of the cost of the game,

I don’t like to bash the game, but that’s just horrible, horrible practice.


Ill get a mixture of two responses… people saying that this proves that TC is hitler. And people saying that Its my fault for not double checking lol.


Are you surprised?

I assume it was a mistake, but it would be pretty dirty for them not to give a refund to everyone who bought it when they realise their mistake.


I’m usually one to defend Gears 5, but I would be upset if that were me.


Once again they play with people’s money.
I think it’s better to contact Microsoft about issues regarding the store and miss bought items.

Premium currency should have prompts before it’s being used and it should be clear what the player buys. I personally think the buyer should be given a resit aswell.

I’d hit up the support chat at, they’re pretty damn good about refunding when you have a good reason, which this definitely qualifies as.


I saw that but if you actually clicked on the item or recognized the name you’d see it was the 80s skin all along. Just an image mishap.

Buyer Beware. Especially when dealing in Gears.


Both look ■■■■ anyway. People who use bright coloured skins, stand out a mile away and are just easy targets.


…bUt ThE sToRe AlWaYs WoRkS GuYs!


Not really a factor for the contingent of people who don’t play versus

That’s why I use the Rev-9. People think it’s just a glitchy, disembodied Retro Wave Gnasher floating around the map until I chunk them.

Hahaha it’s okay I bought Rev 9 and short haired girl and can’t use the Rev 9 even though it never stated anywhere it’s a skin for the t800.

We’re all getting ■■■■■■ by TC right in our wallets.


Not like people glow red and blue from a distance anyway?

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Dude why spend money on that when TC will introduce retro delivery Mac.

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I dunno. I kinda like the Hotline Miami Longshot more. I say you got a deal.

That’s the image for the “get hype” longshot skin. Clearly they have more “get hype” skins coming soon.

It’s totally not the retro wave skin :rofl:

then keep it in the store because it was by “popular demand”

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