Retro wave Lancer=New retro wave music

So has everyone seen the Retro wave Lancer skin? I actually think it’s kind of awesome. I’m sure some people hate it. And yes it does make you more visible during matches. But I’m not such a harcore player that I’m overly concerned about that.

I think the reference it’s kind of awesome. I didn’t know the new retro wave movement was becoming more known. For anyone interested in some great 80’s sounding music, but is brand new, here are some bands:




And the New Retro Wave channel on youtube :


Yeah I like them a lot, I’m an 80s chica, I bought the gnasher retro wave with the currency TC gave me. But I absolutely refuse to support their absurd prices so I’ll pass on the lancer skin. (The collector side of me is dying though :sob:)

When did the gnasher even come out? I never saw it.

Pretty sure like launch week, or a week after, followed after the gnasher was the Breaker Mace (Mace breaker? I don’t remember😂)

Awwwww man… Now the collector in me is dying!!

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Feel my pain!! Haha jk :joy: sorry I know the feeling :sob: