Retro lancer feedback

This may seem a bit of a dumb thing to say but the retro lancer feels weak.

Before i get to anything, I’m not talking about the fire rate or damage or anything like that.

What I’m talking about is the big question i still have about the retro lancer, why is charging so unstable?

I mean, I tried charging at a pack of juvies with marcus and just ended up running past them like a bull going towards a red napkin. I missed them, so many of them, i was straight up baffled from it.

It dazed me so much i had to take a video of it cause this makes no sense in context of the retro charge being broken.

Now this doesn’t just happen in Escape and horde, but it’s a problem in multiplayer too, but not as much, unless it’s just multiplayer has better retro charging, then I don’t know… give the retro charge the multiplayer hit boxes?

Anyways, I would like TC to test the retro charge to see for themselves what they need to fix either it be the retro charge animation trigger or the size of the retro charge kill trigger.

Unfortunately, Xbox doesn’t use the appropriate film format for me to send it so just find my captures to see it, it’s only 6 seconds.

This bothers me so much especially as Paduk since it enables him to do CC.

TC only fixed barrier bleeds. All else is not a priority.


Unless it benefits us…

I hate charging with a retro towards an enemy thats on a corner, most times u will just go into cover next to them.

Yeah… player magnetism was as bad as shooting magnetism.

Buff the Retro, lower the recoil a tiny bit and buff the damage.

In PVE anyways

In PVP I melt fools who underestimate it

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