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Retire the boomshot?

(HayMaker304) #41

Like I said. I’d like to know your card stack.

(YodaMan 3D) #42

I will look it up tonight when I get home. What difficulty are you rolling at?

(HayMaker304) #43

Been playing on Horde Mania on Insane.

(YodaMan 3D) #44

My stack is
Berserker lvl 5
Last stand lvl 5
Thick skin lvl 6
Explosive Damage lvl 6
Explosive Capacity lvl 6

This is my numbers and as I said with lots of cover and moving when I need to. I do well, trying to stay back out of the face tanking. Once I get focused on by a large number I get wasted, but have seemed to last longer then most of my team.

(HayMaker304) #45

You must be on casual or normal. Higher difficulty levels and on the higher waves - you can still be one shotted by scions. Guardians wear on you quickly as will as any boss with mini guns. Remember thick skin is only for explosive damage. Doesn’t help when your headshotted by a dropshot.

Torque bow and dropshot tho. You can do lots of damage far away with the torque bow and dropshot. I like the torque bow better because you can charge it in cover - step out and fire - and step back into cover.

The dropshot you kind of blind fire those far away shots. So If your taking damage you have to move and you can’t see where your shot is going to be placed to land or will land when you move - thus missing your target.

Called shot from a sniper also helps greatly and stacks with heavy. Lower waves you can almost one shot the bosses.

(Omen LP) #46

hehe :slight_smile:

I have a lot of fun with the salvo on Speyer :slight_smile: I only blow myself up when a team mate steps right in front of me…


Which happens 90% of the time😂

(Omen LP) #48


Sometime it is just FUNNY watching someone pick it up, and the instant they setup to fire you KNOW they will be dead after 1-2 shots, haha…

It’s that spiral path the rounds take after leaving the launcher that screw people up… They don’t account for the rocket moving down at all… I like it in VS, I can’t deny that :wink:


Yup that’s me. I swear that all 9 other players just chuckle whenever I pick it up🤣

(ll R E D l) #50

I learned after the first couple times to aim a little high not only do the missiles miss the cover your using it seems they start to go down the further they travel

(Omen LP) #51

haha :smile:

Recently I’ve found that Boomshot’s explosive radius is a function of how far away from me when the round lands… You know, if I fire at an enemy far away, I have to basically hit him in the body to kill him… But if I am shooting defensively, wanting to kill someone close to me, the explosion somehow always kills me too, even when it’s quite far away from me… So Boom in my hands is becoming what you describe the salvo being in your hands :blush:


Hahaha! Yes I know. And you actually only have like a 50% chance of hitting someone far away, even if it lands right at their feet😂

(Omen LP) #53

Another rare case it worked, haha, from one of last night’s Guardian matches :slight_smile:

(iDuskk) #54

Its a power weapon. The fact that its easy to do damage is what makes it worth fighting for. No need to get rid of it imo.

(YodaMan 3D) #55

For me it is still the weapon of choice. In horde, generally hold my own and help keep the team going. I don’t play vs enough anymore, but the few times I did. It was just too slow to be useful. I shoot, my opponent orders dinner online, waits for it to be delivered, gets a drink, a bathroom break, eats their dinner, then comes back and steps out of the way of the shot. I know that is an exaggeration, but that is how it felt playing as a heavy in vs. You almost had to be within your own blast radius to keep others from having time to get away.



(Kitten Britchez) #57

Drop is better IMO as heavy because you can kill enemies behind cover with it which helps lighten the load sometimes.

One drop will obliterate a pack of juvies behind cover if timed correctly. Can’t do that with a boom.

For me, marked damage is a must as heavy. With the damage bonus i don’t see how you can’t use it. I mark everything before I shoot it anyway so the damage boost is a nice perk and makes it so you don’t always have to be super accurate with it. For bosses it’s a must IMO. Works when others mark as well.

In versus, drop must be used in short to medium distances. The farther away the enemy is, the more distracted, unprepared, or ignorant they must be for it to work. Never attempt to cross map drop an enemy who you know is staring at you. Pointless.

Drop is one of the most powerful weapons in vs and horde IMO.

(Omen LP) #58

Yes, I find it like Torque, you don’t want to be going 1v1 against an enemy who is aware you have the weapon, you can use it to support fights your team mates are in…

I think the best “unexpected” Drop clusters I’ve ever gotten were on Clocktower in KOTH, when the rings are half way up the stairs. I hide in the spawn with the drop, and fire it over the wall, into the ring, when the enemy team is trying to cap…

(Kitten Britchez) #59

Oh yeah. I love those. One thing about horde is it definitely made me more comfortable with the drop in versus. Those kinds of over cover kills are more common for me as a result. Especially nice when you have teammates who mark.

Never thought of that one on clocktower. I’ll have to give it a go though next time I’ve got the chance.

Another thing about drop on clocktower is its mad lethal in guardian. I have now successfully killed leader with it from the top of the stairs on both museum and bank spawns. You can see leader from bank side, but museum was a bit harder as you cannot see that back cover where leader usually is. Horde definitely improved my feel for when to let go of the RT.

Love me some drop.

(HayMaker304) #60

I have issues with aerial enemy’s in horde. Sentinels are fairly easy but gaurdians and kestrels are hard for me to deal with. It’s like I can’t seem to “find my range”.

The kestrel pisses me off more than anything tho because the shots I think should be dead nuts - miss. Usually over shoot