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Retire the boomshot?

(Ektope) #21

A perfectly active reloaded boomshot is supposed to increase the splash damage radius. If it was, it could’ve got 'em all.

There’s also another thing where if someone stands behind another, the guy at the front acts like a meatshield for the explosion. I’m not really sure if the one behind, wouldn’t get affected.

(Shiddick) #22

“I’m a Gears purist”
Literally, no your not. What kind of question is this?
I could see a redesign of the boom shot, u know like the GNASHER got its aesthetic touch in Gears 4, Lancer got a custom Variant, why don’t we see a nicely updated design?

(mike yaworski) #23

Remember when the Longshot used to have 11 shots and the Boom had 3? Thank God they took it down to 8 and 2. I’d say the longshot could be reduced more to 6-7

(HoesEatOreos) #24

the boomshot is weak garbage now


No one really fights over it anymore lol!
The Drop is killer though

(YodaMan 3D) #26

Been a while since I played versus, but to say retire the boonshot is just wrong. Especially, considering that just about everyone runs around killing each other with Gnashers . Just saying, it just doesn’t sound right to me.

(Omen LP) #27

I disagree… There DO appear to be some inconsistencies with its explosive radius and partial cover, but it is perfectly capable of destroying entire teams in one shot, if they are clustered too closely together.

It IS garbage in Horde, though…

(YodaMan 3D) #28

In Horde, my Heavy lives and dies by the Boomshot. Will I say it is the best? No. As long as I have ammo and others don’t take it just to keep me from getting kills. I do far more damage then any other weapon.


Dude, get a new Heavy…:rofl:

(Omen LP) #30

haha, RIGHT!!

I play Horde with some university friends every week (we’ve been doing it since horde 1), and this one guy just refuses to use anything other the boomshot!! We play on insane/incon, and it’s painful to watch him put 3-5 boom rounds into a Scion to kill him, as a heavy, when I do a single headshot with Drop/Torque to do that same.

But the ultimate is when he’s using a Boom as a non-Heavy!!!

I think he just remembers how powerful the Boom was in earlier games, and it not adjusting (he feels the same way about the Salvo too, uses it every chance he gets, even though Salvos are so nerfed now)…


Lol! I get rid of my Boom as soon as I can.It’s crazy how weak it is after just a few waves. You can empty up to 5 shots on a Pouncer lol!

If you have Heavy weapon damage, the Salvo is actually pretty killer imo

(Omen LP) #32

Well, it used to be ridiculously powerful, totally OP, when the game first came out… Then they dropped its power with the raise of the horde update, right, they CLAIMED it was dropped by 12%, but it feels more like 50%…

Haha, I made this video shortly after the update… That guardian would have been dead after it got hit with 2-3 rounds, before the update, now they just eat shots, haha… After all those salva hits I only got a 300 point assist… something like 7 hits didn’t even bring its shield down…

I find now salvos and boom are great on Juvie waves…

(HayMaker304) #33

Torque Bow and Dropshot.

Boomshot is good but you’ll kill your self with it lol. In a perfect world the heavy and soldier are glued together. Killing all and everything. Problem with a heavy is when small enemy’s get close you can’t do much but damage yourself.

Also does anybody ever notice that it’s easier to die after you kill your self before the start of the run? I didn’t kill my self on insane the other day and the sniper called me an ■■■■■■■ lol but he died way before I did :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


I can never kill anyone with the Salvo in Verses. At least besides myself🤣

(YodaMan 3D) #35

Torque Bow bounces off the armor of the bad guys way to easy. Dropshot I see bad guys side step . If you play the right cards, you are almost immune to explosive damage.


That usually happens when you don’t hold down the trigger long enough.

They do that with the Boom far more often

(YodaMan 3D) #37

I have better luck with Boomshot. The others do work to a point, but boomshot works better for me in Horde. My biggest issue there is watching another player run up and fire a shot, then pick up the ammo. I haven’t really played the hardest stuff regular enough to see if it would be worth using. Usually I do very well with it though.


I can understand using it in Casual or Regular. But anything higher then that, and the Boom becomes pointless

(HayMaker304) #39

You’ll have to tell me what cards your using because no your not immune to explosive damage.

My stack is
Berserker lvl 4
Last stand lvl 4
Thick skin lvl 6
Explosive Damage lvl 6
Explosive Capacity lvl 6

So you tell me how you don’t get damaged by explosive damage but I’ll die lmao. Only thing higher I can get are my epics but I’m working in them. They take time.

Torque bow allows long shots (think gears 1 pumping station) even across the map. It’s great for when bosses are far away and closing the distance.

Dropshot is more powerful than the boomshot unless you can splash the boomshot against a wall - grounded shots don’t splash straight up like you’d think. You’ll find that accuracy with the boomshot on higher difficulty levels is the issue. Those clutch shots on a guardian that would keep you alive - you’ll miss. With the dropshot or Torquebow you’ll know you’ll smoke them. Kestrel shots with a dropshot are difficult for me sometimes. Torque bow? Naw just draw and shoot lmao

I usually carry 2 of the 3 when playing. I switch back and forth between waves.

(YodaMan 3D) #40

I don’t remember which cards, but mine are all 5 or 6. Which is the where reduces explosive damage, I got that one maxed out. The one that reduces the damage taken is maxed. So between dodging and using cover at the right times. I can’t just set there and tank everything, but usually I will be the last man standing.