Resupply Card - after 280 hrs still waiting for that!

Hey Guys… happy new year!

I dont know what to do. I play horde all night long, wave by wave, buy Booster-Packs and this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: card will not show.

Any advises? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Alot of people say that Operations Packs have a higher likelihood of epic Horde skills dropping. I’ve personally had better luck with them myself.

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Totally RNG based so you’re just gonna have to keep on trying until you get it. Horde Expert packs are the best option but you have to use real money.

Unfortunately you need to keep grinding. I think I purchased the Operations pack myself, quite a few of them and got it that way.

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280 hours? There 's people complaining about missing cards since they first came, more than a year ago.

I received a lot of Rise of The Horde skill cards playing public.


Resupply and Overclock took forever to drop for me. Then the Feral packs were made available and someone I played with told me to buy those as rare cards have a higher drop rate. I got both Resupply and Overclock in the same pack on my third buy.

I know it’s RNG and I got lucky there, but if you see the Feral packs get another release, blow your wad on them and your card will hopefully drop.

After playing for like 2 years I wanted to play as the soldier and i realized resupply was the only card i didn’t have…i wonder why that one is so rare

after the raise of the horde update dropped I spent 290K credits on operational packs, and I I still had to buy 4 Horde Expert packs, to get all the new cards…

I am definitely not doing that in gears 5, if they continue with the RNG based skill card thing… Will stick to versus…

BChaps and a bunch of other helpful people did the maths after opening thousands and thousands of packs and that was the conclusion.

Note: This is true if you are after a specifc Epic card you don’t yet have, not true in terms of scrap value.

Took well over a year for a Sentry Capacity card for me, a launch card at that.

As of right now (just shy of 1200 total hours) I’m missing:
Scout - Speed Loader
Engineer - Overclock
Sniper - Steady Hand
all of which are Rise of the Horde Epics.

Such a great “insentive” to play sentryless!

Overclock is maybe my favorite card. What a huge loss. Those others are expendable.

My never showing card was the Hammer. I played a lot and bought many horde packs, and still took me months to get it. Got it to lv. 5 right away (it was before Rise of Horde).

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Yeah, true.
I rarely play Engineer unless I’m needed in that role with friends.

You can compensate with Locker Cost or 12% Discount.

Even without all that, a heavy can destroy big time with a simple locker and 2 Drops, for example.

Wow! Tony…were you actually being…h-h-helpful? I Stand aghast!


New Years Resolution my man…Not really but hey

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That is ridiculous, so how many credits have you spent?

290 hours and buying nothing but horde booster packs expecting an epic horde skill card? Well there’s your mistake right there. As others have stated, Operations Packs FTW. Happy New Year and Happy Grinding!

I needed overclock after 500 hours in game, so I just dropped $30 from MS cards I had accumulated on those horde packs that guarantee an epic skill and got it on the last one.

I’m still missing explosive headshot

Another great card.