Resupply bugged?

Is there something going on with resupply, because my grenades are not replenishing like 80% of the time…

If the rounds go to fast then the resuply time will reset all the time is your resupply a low level card too?

Resupply doesn’t work like that. The Resupply card is still active during the intermission between waves (when the score board is up). I often get extra grenades during this. It even works when there are connection issues and delays between waves and the “waiting for other players” message occurs.

The only time the Resupply card resets is when you swap grenades out by picking up a different one (e.g.: if you have normal frags and pick up shocks, or vice versa).

To the original poster - I’ve not come across this bug and haven’t heard anyone else mention anything along these lines. The only possible cause I can think of, is if you forgot to equip your Grenade Capacity card, and perhaps you mistakenly thought the Resupply card stopped working when your grenades got to the max capacity.


I run an assault rifle load out, I use resupply just to always have grenades. So its 2 grenades… I planted at the beginning of the wave, and by the start of the next wave I still had zero grenades… This happens often to me…

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What your card?

The only bug I noticed with ressupply is when I have lets say 2 grenades and it gives the +1 symbol in the corner of the screen and switch to my grenades and it say 3 but when I take them out it goes back to 2 not game breaking or anything but my god is it annoying.

Yes I’ve had the same issue as well. I also posted about it a month ago. Definitely not you, I’ve noticed that especially when you don’t equip your capacity card it’s worse for some reason. I’ve got through a lengthy wave and have had to pick up grenades because it was extremely slow or wouldn’t work. Another time I have seen it mess up is when you do pick up a grenade or grenades it will not replenish until you use them first. My resupply card is a level 6.

Level 4 I believe… Every 27 seconds I think…

Level 6 is 15 seconds your not missing on much.