Results from my ranking system experiment

So i’ve been stuck on onxy 3 80% for the past 3 weks.

I decided to test if the ranking system wa sjust broewn for my account so I made a smurf account and then went intoversus mode. Played for 5 days and my smur account went from silver 2 to diamond 3… yeah ok so some accounts are stuck on onyx3, if your stuck make a smurf…

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But if you continue to play on this Smurf account you may actually derank back to Onyx. I don’t recall the exact wording from @TC_Octus but it sounds like you may hit a high point but then the system catches up based on the amount of games you play with how well you perform in each. A new account wouldn’t have as much data so it should be easier to move up but as I said above the system may move you right back down.

Please keep in mind I’m in no way saying the ranking system makes sense. But there has to be a ceiling for players based on their overall performance other than victories. Whether or not this is the issue you’re having with your main account or not is something I can neither confirm or deny but I mention this because I’m sure many of those complaining just refuse to accept they’re likely where they should be. As for you though, congratulations on the Diamond. :+1:

…yes the ranking system sucks.