Restricting the freedom of play in Horde and Escape

Hi there,

I do enjoy the Gears 5 game, but i feel there is one element to the game that really restricts players from playing the game how they want to. I am talking about the class thing you have got going with Horde (mostly weapon selection), and the lack of choice in character selection when playing Escape.

I am going to start with the Escape mode because it is easier to get out of the way, and it is as simple as ‘I would like more choice in character selection’. If you do not have ultimate then you are forced to play as these three new characters, whom we have never been introduced to before. Now I have not completed the campaign yet so am unaware if they appear in the story, but if they don’t then this just furthers the point I am trying to make.

Since Gears 2 I have always had the luxury of choosing a character whom I loved most, or just playing in a fashion I enjoyed most. I was the guy that always played as a Carmine or a regular Gear when going online. But now in this mode, our choice in selection is extremely limited, whilst others might enjoy or associate with these new individuals and find it refreshing, there will be those that will say ‘Ah, I wish I could play as Cole.’ I just don’t see why we do not have the option of playing as the other playable characters on this game in Escape mode, because there are other people I’d much rather be playing as.

I am aware that those who have Game Pass Ultimate or have Gears 5 Ultimate can play as Sarah Connor, Emile and Kat, on all online modes. But again, players tend to enjoy a larger selection of choice.

Now I am going to go onto Horde. You have really restricted players from playing Horde in the way that they find most enjoyable. You do not allow people to play as the same character, which on the face of it I am happy with because it does bother me to see two Marcus’ running around. But, the downside to that is you have assigned weapon loadouts to each character, which cannot be amended by the player. So if you find the one character with the loadout you like, but somebody else also plays as that character, the game will force you to play as another. Now say if you are forced to play with Fahz, but you don’t like playing as the marksman. You’re just screwed because you cannot amend the weapon loadout, nor can you purchase a lancer or gnasher from the fabricator. So you are stuck with these marksman weapons,which you may not be particually good with because that is not your style of play.

There is also the issue of playing who you want to play as. From Escape, you have excluded the three new characters which means those players that do enjoy playing as them cannot in Horde. I know I said I don’t like playing as them, but there are others that will and I am trying to make this post inclusive. I mean, you can play as everyone in Versus so I do not see the problem inculding this in Horde and Escape.

And there is also Batista, instead of making him is own character (like Emile and Kat) you have made him a skin for Marcus. Which means when I want to play as Batista but I come into a game that already has somebody else playing as Marcus, it forces me to change my character to someone I do not want to play as with weapons I don’t enjoy. I did say that I liked the game preventing two characters running around with the same face, but Marcus and Batista have very different faces so this is just a frustration. And turning that point around, there will be many players that don’t care if two Kaits, two Dels or two JDs are running around together. They just want to play the game in a way that is most enjoyable to them.

So please, just let us play as who we want, with what weapons we want, and please (as a personal favour) add Anthony, Benjamin, Clayton Carmine and Gear soldiers as playable characters. Much Appreciated :grin: