Restart encounter or load last checkpoint

So just getting into this game and died fighting the brumak. It was a long level and my options are:

Abort mission
Restart encounter
Load last check point

Ideally I’d like to go do something else and play later, but I’m not confident that abort mission allows to do that and come back at this spot?

If I want to fight the brumak again do I select restart encounter?

So how far back does last check point go?

They really don’t give much detail on this!

Restart encounter does the Brumak fight right from the beginning. Last checkpoint goes back to whenever the last one was which I don’t quite remember due to it being like a year since I last played Tactics. But you can go back to the checkpoint and continue from there later on iirc.

Thanks, I feel like if been playing this level for hours so really didn’t want to use the wrong method of quitting out!

Abort mission takes you back to the bit where you can recruit soldiers, customise characters and choose missions. But if you’re at the Brumak Misson you wouldn’t have any other mission options. The only time you have options is when you get the side missions (where you usually have a choice of 4 missions s and you have to complete say, 3 of the 4 to progress). So any mission progress will be lost. But if for example you’re stuck and feel you want to change classes around, or choose a different side mission then you can.

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By the way, I’ve just completed Tactics. Had a long binge last night / early hours of the morning - I think I got to bed at 5am on a work night! Me and these kinds of games don’t get along as I find them quite addictive. I always tell myself that I’ll just do one more mission, but this quickly turns into two missions, which later turns into three… :weary:

The last battle against Ukkon is a bit of a pain. I notice that alot of these boss battles follow a very similar set-up though. There seem to be 3 phases where the boss enemy’s behaviours change and they do something a bit different; they have large AOE attacks which telegraph where they will strike, so you end up having to use moves to get out of range (and therefore have fewer moves to attack with); and there are lots of (presumably infinitely spawning) small enemies that appear at regular intervals.

My only advice, is to use earlier missions to experiment with each class’s abilities; and work out the best way of using them to maximise the number of moves you can get. Abilities which grant you or team mates extra Ability Points are excellent; as well as abilities which reduce cooldown of key abilities, so I’d advise you choose your ability upgrades on the skill tree according to this. Also learn to switch between classes mid-turn to maximise your squad’s efficiency so you maximise the number of kills you get in the fewest number of turns.

Even during the final battle, I was learning new things about ability perks which I had unlocked ages ago but never used. I think the nature of these kinds of games (on your first run-through especially) mean that there is so much to learn and take in, that sometimes people stick with what they know - so they gravitate toward using abilities that they’ve used before, and don’t tend to use the ones they haven’t before.

As an example, I never used the Scout’s Sprint ability until the final battle, but it helped me out of a pinch cos I had a negative effect status which restricted my movement, was low on health but used Sprint (which allows you to run long distances but only in a straight line) to close the gap to a small group of enemies, then I was able to use a different ability (Exertion) to regain an extra AP, then used Rampage to kill the group. And as I had Bloodlust (which is like Vampire in GOW5 - restores health based on kills) I was able to restore all of my health.

I’m not sure if there are any detailed guides out there recommending what builds are best for each class, but I expect this makes a big difference. I notice that some branches of the skill tree don’t seem all that useful.

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Yeah that’s how this game feels to me too. I’m enjoying it a lot though. Thanks for your thoughts, I’m going to try to finish it on the level I started, Intermediate I think, before going harder. But I agree I have tended to stick with the same moves, as just like Gears 5 they really don’t teach you much in the tutorial mission. I do a lot of overwatch!

They got a lot right with this game but a lot of stuff isn’t explained. It took me a few levels before I even understood overwatch would only shoot once if you used had one AP left. Seems basic but I didn’t twig that from the starter levels.

The equipment is a lot of faff, I’ve tended to not bother because tinkering with it for the whole team is boring. They also don’t explain what happens to the equipment if you dismiss someone. So I’ve tended to strip them back to basics before I boot them. I wish I could throw away stuff I don’t need or want to unclutter it, then I might care more.

I’m going to look for some best builds on youtube once I’ve finished this run. It’s decent but doesn’t look like it has much replay value. I’d like a second game and it reminds me or a worse Commando 2 game from years ago.

I think if they did a non traditional gears game again I’d much rather they made a Halo Wars type game.

I’ve always heard about Commandos from way back but never got to play it. I think there was a version on the Playstation back in the day but I had a Sega Saturn and didn’t have a PC either. Might have to check it out given it’s available in the MS store for XB.

I’ve always liked RTS games, but was never uber-obssessive I think cos I played most of them on consoles instead of PC and I always found mouse and keyboard to be much better suited for these kinds of games.

I used to play the Command and Conquer games; and one of the earlier Warcraft games alot, but always found that it can be hard using control pads. C&C on the Sega Saturn worked fine, but I always found the C&C titles on the Playstation suffered from input delay and felt clunky. Halo: Wars on the 360 was okay, but there were lots of limitations with selecting multiple units - it was so hard to do quickly. I remember some of the quick-select options as being “select all units within this small-ish radius by your curser”; “select all units across the map” and possibly one for “select all units of the same type” which made strategising difficult.

Tactics works well with a control pad as it’s turn based so you can take all the time in the world. I don’t know if you’ve heard of XCOM, but that’s worth checking out too if you’re enjoying Tactics. It’s very similar. XCOM2 is on the XB One; while XCOM: Enemy Unknown (which I think was a reboot of the original olden day XCOM) is on the 360.

Yeah apart from Halo wars 1 which I was addicted to for a while I’ve always played them on KB&M. Loved C ans C generals. All this talk has me wanting to play through Commando’s 2 again. I had no idea it had been remastered. I will check out the XCOM recommendation too.

I always thought they should have utilised the X360 chatpad for games like halo wars, sadly not and as you say it was clunky.

And guess what I still made a mistake. Extra mission after Act2 CH8 to rescue from pods with only one character. Lost my best soldier and quit to restart. Made the wrong selection and my main heavy was still dead :grin:

So I selected reset progress. Now have to do all of Act 2 again! Annoying but I was struggling without a single scout as I lost mine early in Act2 and never got a single one in recruitment.