Respawning frenzy koth

Hey, I’m not that great at this game/haven’t played that regular so will quite inexperienced in terms of how game modes used to be. I’ve vaguely seen some of the changes to core multiplayer like weapon damage, but I feel like since I played a bit of season 3 and 4 things have changed a lot. I have only really ranked in KOTH so far, but the lack of respawn time just really puts me off playing, like it’s okay sometimes when a team holds a hill but most of the time I find myself fighting groups of people I’ve just spawned next to, and I feel like it makes me have to think like a crazy person about the space around me as people seem to be spawning from different sides every few seconds, it feels like using the map strategically is a bit nerfed. Sorry if this is a noob complaint, I don’t remember it being like this before unless it’s because I just played more TDM for a while, am I being a newb? was it like this already?