RESOLVED: Ultimate Edition Content for XGPU Subscribers

We are aware of reports that some Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers are not seeing their Gears 5 Ultimate Edition content in-game.

We have deployed a fix with the platform team for this issue. Please hard reboot the game and relaunch to get your content.


Not received Halo Pack and Only got 22 days boost instead of 37.

See Picture for Boost Reference.

Supposed to be 30 days for Ultimate and 7 days for Gears 4 Challenge.

I did get the Terminator Pack without issue.

Also bought 63,000 Iron no problem.

For some reason I have the feeling this is not Going to be fixed today…

I think TC will try and resolve it ASAP.


Why can’t I have these problems? Why is it never me?

TC must like me :grin:

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You have Game Pass Ultimate and got Halo Pack and all your boost?

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Just to provide a further update, we are continuing to work with our partners at Xbox to get this resolved. No firm updates as yet but both teams are focused on getting a resolution.

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We have deployed a fix with the platform team for this issue. Please hard reboot the game and relaunch to get your content.

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Do we have to report that we have that issue, with a screenshot or sth.?

We have a party of three. All different boost days (far too few though, all around 10-15, although we also have Road to Gears 5 extra days etc.) plus no Halo skins etc.

Only thing unlocked is the Terminator pack.

Other than that: Really unbelievable great game. You guys did a fantastic job!


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Edit: Affirmative…

Content available, yes…

Servers for games, not so much…

Ultimate Edition content was not working for me last night.

It was working again just fine when I tried around 7.30 this morning (ET).

Its still not working for lots of people

I have not seen anyone say they still can not access the content.
Except you.
And you are an obvious troll, so we can disregard that.


It’s a strange world we live in.

I purchased the new console and redeemed my code for the Ultimate Edition, Despite Microsoft being able to see that I redeemed the code, my Xbox account doesn’t see that I own the game therefore its trying to make me buy the game again.

I still don’t have 30 day boost or reach characters or any of the UE stuff…

Thanks i keep checking i got no content at all. even my road to gears 5 content is missing.

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I do not have the reach characters or 30 day boost. I have gamepass ultimate and am Sharing it with someone and they have the content. I do not.

It might have something to do with gamepass sharing?