Resolution for the Ranking system Points

I believe I have a good solution for the ranking system.

I think you should gain & loss excess points when you’re low levels & no matter if you lose to a bronze or gold you lose points according to your tier. Have it to where you can’t lose more than what you can gain. Like Diamond 3 I can gain maybe 20 points with MVP max so maybe I can lose 40 points max?

I don’t want to keep grinding one mode. I would like to play other modes to enhance my experience. For instance, I won 9 consecutive matches & earned 2 points but the moment I lost I tiered down. All because a random player went 2-20 in TDM.

Considering a huge percentage play on alternative accounts in fear of losing their rank in their main profile, I end up being hurt more for losing to a “smurf” account. When they’re actually diamond or master players hiding behind their duplicate account & im using my main account because I don’t want a smurf account.

If you make all points equal according to rank this would eliminate the fear to make a duplicate account.

I have the perfect solution for the ranking system. Scrap gears 5s systems and replace it with 4’s because 4 may have it issues but at least it ■■■■■■■ worked and people didn’t feel cheated out of ranks.

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