Reset to Level 1

I’ve just launched GoW4 on my Xbox to find that my previous Wings 1 lvl 5 has been reset back to Reup 0 lvl 1. Anyone know what’s going on?

Was just about to post a thread with the same title, same happened to me, yesterday evening I downloaded the update, didn’t start the game until now and once I got into the main menu I was level 1, I was re-up 10 - level 63 I think, what’s going on?!?

Is it the Rank Reset Bug?
Maybe you remember it from Gears 2 and 3, but I don’t think that’s happening again in Gears 4…

My stats page here on site still shows level 63 re-up 10, I’m afraid to play not to screw things up

Ok, after restarting the game twice it’s back to normal, sheesh :joy::joy:

Panic over.

All back to normal now. Luckily I was wearing my brown trousers :rofl:

Had this happen before too. Thankfully it’s just a visual issue that goes away once you play a match or whatever