Reroll tour objective...get same tour objective

So i spent ten iron to reroll the objective of getting 10 eliminations as JD, Del, or Swarm drone since I don’t o may those characters. The objective infot in return was…get ten eliminations as JD, Del, or Swarm Drone.


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Did the reward change?

I don’t think so? I didn’t notice.

This is cancerous. I hope the person that approved this feels the full wrath of god

I’ve said it before, but the worst part is that you now need to spend at least 10 cents to roll again. Disgusting that we have to pay money to grind in a game.


To those that asked, I noticed that it went from getting 20 kills as those characters for two stars, to getting 10 kills for one star as those same characters. Still dumb, but less dumb.

And yes it’s putrid that we have to spend iron on this. That’s real money, to choose a different grind? Like, me personallynill playbwhatever but some people don’t like guardian or tdm or whatever, they can’t reroll out of that unless they PAY? A buddy of mine got the game yesterday. Three horde ToD bounties. He hates horde. It’s dumb.

I don’t like how you have to spend iron to refresh it. I spend all initial 750 in refreshing objectives only to run out of them and leave myself with escape/horde objs that I will not do.

They have to rework this quickly