Requirements to run Gears 5

If im able to run gears 4 on my pc, would i be able to run gears 5? Wonder what are the requirements to run the game and when will they post that.


You shouldn’t see that much more of a performance hit when running 5.

It’s the same gen game.

Gears 6 might be different sure, but Unreal Engine Games always scale well on a variety of hardware.

I guess you can test for yourself before the games out on 17th July :+1:

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On july 17th they are bringing the beta for just console or both platforms? Could of swore gears 4 beta was just console but not sure as i wasnt around for it

I doubt they would limit it for Console when stating they care about both platforms and cross play.

So far, it’s confirmed as a playtest.

TC will clarify soon I guess.

I want to know if 5 will be HDR on PC this time too.

Im sure if it does, it will look beautiful. I dont have a HDR monitor so i wont be able to feel the full glory lol. Guess that is when i will upgrade my puny 970. If it does run like crap or look like blah i will upgrade in the fall.

Nvidia will refresh and drop prices on the RTX cards very soon.

But, I’m sure you will good :+1:

It seems the requirements for Gears 5 is incorrect. As far as I understand it, an Intel i3 Skylake platform is required as a minimum for playing. But I run this game on my Haswell i7-4790K/GTX1070 setup which is pretty old by now and two Intel generations before Skylake. Nevertheless, Gears 5 presents a solid and great experience at around 70-80 fps with most settings at ultra.

Is there anyone from The Coalition that can comment on this? It seems very odd to me to set the hardware reqs much higher than they actually are!