Requesting Ban on a Player

I was playing daily mission today and I encountered this player 3 times back to back in different lobbies - which all launched into the game -.

What this guy /girl does consistently is:

he/she carries the fabricator to the end of the map from the originally placed location which all team sets up fortifications in the beginning

Carries your barricades to the out of map boundaries so they are not placed

Carries weapon lockers to the out of map boundaries

Does the same with turrets

If there is a sentinel or any explosive weapon carrying enemies, lures them to the energy taps and takes cover behind them, so taps get destroyed

If there is a deposit in the fabricator, buys literally only lv1 barricades and places them all at the same spot. There were 13 level 1 barricades at the exact same area if I counted correctly. All of them at the other side of the map, where there are no fortifications, no energy taps, or enemies. Barricades were not even blocking an entrance, they were just facing a wall, in doors, where there are no windows.

If there is a player who is using precision weapons, constantly moves in front of them to block the view. Does the same with explosive weapons such as boomshots, so the ammo kills you.

Here is the proof as a video, name and other stuff can be seen in there :

I thought I recorded video for a longer time but it seems I just recorded the turret and locker displacement part before quitting the game. But nonetheless, this happened 3 consecutive games in a row with the same guy. Our other marksman player quit the game a round ago because of the aiming issue, where he blocks your shot.

Everyone is carrying 14-20k on them because of none of us are allowed to build while fabricator is at the other end of the freaking map. And even if you were to build, your stuff would be unavailable to use anyway.

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Just a troll.

Host your own custom lobby. Kick people like this.


Aaaaand that’s one way to get your thread deleted. Did you play in a public lobby? If so, hope you learned your lesson and stick to custom from now on so you can actually kick people like this immediately.


You can report player at Callout threads aren’t allowed on forum.