Request to the team of people in charge of launching the series 3

Tomorrow please send in the series 3 to the zombie carmine that came out a year ago on May 12, please ask them … <3

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Just be patient. They’ll be added like everything else has been.

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I’d say the Kantus group should be coming first from RAAM’s pack. They were before the Carmines but what do I know. They already put out the mechanic pack and that was WELL after the Kantus’s so more inconsistency for ya.

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It’s coming, either Kantuses or Carmines without having to request for them.

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They’ll enter Series 3 eventually. In the meantime… there’s some big fan favorites entering Series 3 in our May Drop this week. Make sure to read What’s Up later today :wink:


Awesome! Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Are you saying there’s new characters? :thinking:
Looking forwards to what this is.

hopefuly Skorge soon for my roommates sake. I done got him, but it took me like 70k to do so last time they had the pack lol my roommate didnt have near that much to burn so he never got him and its 1 he really wants

well… how bout that lol