[Request] More Customisation For Private Games In Gears 5 and Beyond

I really hope Private Matches can have more customisable options in Gears 5.

*No Deaths

Imagine a scoring system where you don’t have to get chunked, die, respawn, run all the way back to the other person.

You should be able to score “kills” on someone by shooting them, but allowing gameplay to carry on.

I hope everyone can conceptualize what I mean here.

There would be no DBNO - but in Gnashers only, you could continually bounce/strafe and shoot each other and when you land enough to “kill/chunk” you would score a point.

Alternatively, for every shot/shots that would be a kill/chunk - you simply score the kill and the game would “freeze” gameplay for a period of 3-5 seconds and then resume again.

Think of it like Laser Tag - you shoot someone and get the points and it disables the other persons gun for a couple of seconds, but you can continue moving.

This would be beneficial for practicing within private play and for warm up up without the whole downs, repsawning and having to move from spawn to mid-map where most people play.

(This is not to replace the traditional way, just as a option that I think would play out quite good for practicing or playing for fun and the last tag aspect could become a fun Special Event if tested and done right)

*Have Unlimited Ammo in Private

You should be able to enable “unlimited ammo” - this means that if you do Gnashers Only, it’s a lot more seamless.

Same with practicing with sniper or any other weapon, so much easier than playing snipers and constantly having to pick up ammo.

*Infinite DBNOs

Same for playing, if you want to only have a sniper headshot count then you should be able to toggle infinite DBNO so that you can go down and up until a kill is done via headshot or gib (for Gnashers Only).

You could also practice rifle play here as well.

*Close Off Parts of The Map

When doing private play, you should be able to close down the map and only use the middle 50% of the map. This would again be useful for practicing and warm up and just eliminates spawn areas and gets you right into the fight a lot quicker

*Minimum Spawn Time

I think minimum spawn time should be 3s rather than the current 5s

*Allow Special Events For Use in Private

Once a Special Event has debuted in the game, then it should be added as toggle for Private Play.

*Weapons You Spawn With

I think you should be able to fully customise your load out Private so you if you are doing Snipers, you should get to spawn with them only as a option or any combination.

*Map Rotations

You should be able to set a map rotation cycle so that you don’t have to keep going back to lobby, it should just carry you to the next map in the cycle or you should be able to put one map on “repeat” if you so wish.

These are a quick few ideas but overall, I would love to see a whole host of possible customization options in the next Gears.

Feel free to share your ideas on what you would like to see added!


I don’t do a ton of private but here and there when I’ve gone practicing with bots - these are the things that would be nice, excluding what you have already listed:

Keep the settings I last chose instead of reverting to default every time in lobby. Another option would be putting all the options on the SAME lobby/creation screen instead of having to go to separate menu windows.

Freeplay/practice mode: This enables you to not pick a game mode if you don’t want to and you can just pick the map and the players. No time limits, choice ammo/loadouts, Essentially TDM without an objective really.

This one is probably improbable but it’d be nice to have a set of very small maps that are set up to practice specific movements/shots. If you have a human friend of course you can always set up anywhere in a map of choice but if you don’t or are alone it’d be cool to have little minimaps where it spawns 1 AI that sits behind a specific type of cover or wall or what have you and you can practice your pop shots, back-a’s, etc.
I would even settle for target circles placed anywhere you want on the map in the lobby and then you can run through the map and perform all the movements/shots on those target circles that register when you hit them of course. (Maybe go from green to yellow for a hit and yellow to red for what would be a kill, - Green straight to red if it’s a gibby, etc)

I guess most of my requests are for ways to practice more efficiently.

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The No Deaths mode would be interesting, but to be honest I’m surprised the things you mentioned aren’t available already in Private!

Not being able to choose what weapon everyone spawns with 4 games into the Franchise is beyond ridiculous!

Great post :+1:


I love doing warmups with my team, so fun to just get in the grove - once got a decent team of 10 players in and we spent hours Gnashers Only :joy:

I never play against bots, whether it’s horde or otherwise.

This would be nice, or if you could make custom profiles with settings and just apply them to the game.

So maybe for example one for Gnashers and one for Snipers.

This would be amazing, will full stats on the board of kills, deaths, downs and ASSISTS + more.

Maybe have a headshot counter too.

Yeah, makes sense and again would be so useful.

Thanks for the input :+1:

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Exactly, we should have advanced options from the beginning!

And thanks :blush::v:

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Yeah, full stats on the freeplay would be great. Down to % of each weapon.

Check out quake champions statistics chart after a match. Something like that would be neat.

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No deaths wouldn’t be helpful for most gears players. This game doesn’t play like other FPS. In gnasher battles, it would be really awkward to shoot someone and not only have their body remain and block your movement, block you from being able to shoot other players, and also being able to get shot back just wouldn’t work. It would be like playing the current online multiplayer. :smile:

I STRONGLY agree with Alice about storing settings for private vs. There’s a billion settings and it’s annoying to have to adjust them every time I go private.

Selecting specific load outs needs to happen too. I’m glad they added gnasher only but it gets rid of smokes and snubs. We should be able to fine tune these things and save the settings.

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No deaths would work because you would carry on shooting and scoring “kills”.

It just allows you to carry on without actually getting chunked.

In my head, I know what I mean and I can see how it would work fine :joy:

I really hate how Gears 4 doesn’t give you a chance to view a “post match report”.

It really needs to be implemented as most times the end of the match is only there for mere seconds and people back out so fast you can’t really get a final picture of what happened.


It was there in Gears 3…why would they remove a decent feature?



Why go backwards :sweat_smile:

Now TC need to take two whole steps forwards and bring it back :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I personally wouldn’t use it because the mechanics would completely screw up my vs skills. A big factor in gnasher battles, especially if any wallbouncing is involved, is the way bodies physically block each other. If I “kill” a guy but he’s still in the way, it creates problems not only for my movement and shots on the next enemy behind him, but now that enemy behind him still can’t shoot me or move freely because the other guy is still in the way. I’m not trying to take anything away from you or say out won’t work for your style. I just don’t see it being good multiplayer practice.

Since we’re on the subject, for those who want less downtime in the current private VS, I recommend this for warm up;
Bot fill
Hardcore or insane (the main diff is bot movement and reflex speed)
270sec to win
5sec respawn
5sec DBNO
Gnasher only
Choose the pickup weapons you need practice with.

That’s a pretty constant stream of action and gives you plenty of opportunity to tune your weapon and movement skills.

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That “block” is only momentarily.

If you are practicing 1v1 then you contribute to strafe and bounce and get “kills” on each other.

Whether you see it working or not, it’s an OPTION if you want to have a go at playing it like that.

Currently, even if you aim and miss you are going to block each other ANYWAY. Especially as I play free for all in Private play so your own teammate is trying to kill you too and will block you one way or another as we all like to play in confined spaces of the map.

But there are many times where you don’t actually touch/cross paths and so the blocking thing wouldn’t work.

If it isn’t to your play style then that’s fine but I know it would work fine because there’s times where I’ve gone through 3-4 people in a row without blocking and then got chunked by the 5th only to wait 5s to respawn and then make my way over to everyone, only to get chunked in one and again have to repeat.

I would definitely like it where you don’t die at all and can continue bouncing and scoring “kills”.

I also like freezing the person killed - it’s a fun dynamic way to temporarily mobilise someone for a few seconds and let them back into the fight straight away.

Remember, this is private play, I prefer intense, up close and risky gameplay to practice and get better.

If I find I’m getting blocked all the time then that’s perfect because I can learn to avoid doing this.

The amount of times people roll into you or team mates block you - this would be perfect to be unpredictable and have better movement.

Again, you wouldn’t be forced to play it but I know it would work so well and keep fluidity in private play for Warmup and practising and be really fun.

Again, playing with bots will never appeal to me.

I get a few people together and play this in private:

Free For All
Gnashers Only
5s Respawn Time
1s DBNO Time
Execution Rules
Friendly Fire On

1 Rule - Shoot On Sight.


This is helpful, thanks.

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This is something Ive wanted since Gears 3.
3 had an awesome setup but disallowed Mutators.

Id love to see more customization options.
Play an event 25 matches? Preset is unlocked to use in Private.
All weapons from past games in as weapon swap options even if their inclusion makes no sense to canon anymore (ex) Digger. This too would allow them to make Classic Events for things like Gears of War 3 Launch Anniversary.
Weapon damage multipliers. So can make a high damage game if you’d like.
Active Reloads - on/off
Stopping Powet - on/off
Headshot Bonus - on/off/percision weapons only


Yeah, that would be so much fun to take a break from the standard play.

Maybe even switch to “classic feel” and make it like Gears: UE or even make movement like 2 & 3 as well !

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Quake statistics are very good … hell , that game is very good , needs more players :slight_smile:

Back on the topic: some of the ideas here are great, I especially like the “practice/training mode” .

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The only things I want in Gears 5 custom games is the ability to set starting weapons, ammo counts (eg. infinite ammo), and map/mode rotations like Gears 1. It would also be nice if you could make a custom game public for random people to join, again likes Gears 1. We don’t need a lot of crazy nonsense rule changes, just a way I can make a custom TBT game and have people join that aren’t on my friends list.

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You would think these super basic features would already be in the game

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Yeah that would be great, setting up private osok or golden gun games etc. That and a practise mode, I’m referring to a episode they were showcasing how the gnasher spread changed/changes, being able to see the spread and hit boxes as it changes and moves as you move, being able to activate that in a private game would be enormously helpful for practising shots, and to get answers cos every now and then I wonder where the hell did my shot go

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