Request - master list of bugs

I realize this is a long shot but I would love to have the community look over the list of bugs reported and logged so we can make sure our most egregious issues have been reported.

Here you go!


Isn’t that what this thread is this for?

If you wanted to look through all bugs, just reading this official pinned thread is enough. Rather than someone typing out every single one for you.

that thread is a mess. duplicate entries and a tonne of people not understanding it was a bug thread and listing basic feedback or just using it as a conversation thread

also, I’m not suggesting someone “type it out for me”. a list of all the bugs should be compiled already for internal use.

Why do you need this list anyway? It’s for TC. Do you want to compare Tech Test bugs after release?

my original post made it clear did it not?

When bugs are posted, it means they are reported. But even when issues are reported, it doesn’t mean they get fixed. It has to be replicated and reproduced.

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I get what you are saying as tons of people have posted useless information in the bug thread and the signal to noise ratio isn’t great. The list of duplicate issues is huge but that can help TC work out how many people would be impacted.

People are also sending TC bug reports on reddit and twitter and I think they have a fairly comprehensive list atm.

A master list of bugs would make more sense to me once the game launches.

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