Request: Gears 5 Network Overview Explanation?

How are the servers setup in relation to MS, Xbox, & end user? Does anyone have any information or insight as how the servers are set up and are communicated to the players. I’ll be able to follow a technical explanation.

All we can assume is that everything runs through Azure. Not every Azure database is going to be running games, so while there are a few around the world in key locations I’m sure that they all don’t do stats tracking, matchmaking, or background services stuff. Wouldn’t really make sense to have all that be done from multiple databases, so when matchmaking is done it sends the match off to the chosen server and it spins up a new match there.
I’m not entirely sure, but I also haven’t seen anybody complain about NAT problems, if Campaign is ran on servers or if its P2P (it was P2P in every previous Gears, isn’t really much of a reason to make it run on servers outside of protecting everybody) though. But at least in Gears 4, it would show when the game would transition to P2P because people could group up in the lobby and get thrown out when starting up Campaign.
But really, outside of being able to safely assume that everything is ran through Azure we really don’t have much else to go on. Just doesn’t make sense for Microsoft to buy server space from other platforms when they can just use theirs for much cheaper.